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Balto and Steele intent as enemys

As the title said I’m take look at Balto, Steele two intents as enemy. This how both two characters from Balto 1 by this:  Steele is proud, mean, and jealous representing all of which Balto despises, and also this more information about those two characters relation-ship; Steele liar, claiming that Balto and the rest of the team had died during the movie. Steele stomped on Balto's paw as a musher reached to pet him, forcing Balto to growl in pain and bare his teeth, making the humans believe that the wolf-dog to be aggressive and dangerous, especially with his teeth. This causes Balto to be disqualified from the race despite being the victor.  Someone made fan-made cartoon where Steele said I’m help myself your mom and Balto kill him over it. Pretty much that Steele in ways could possible be to piss-off Balto because he does not like him or love him.  

Now as the fan-bases done with made stories, pictures Balto, Steele in romance-ways, other-ways nothing how in Balto 1. Keep said that like or love Balto 1 and you  know love Balto 1 and Balto & Steele but didn`t see me stories, pictures, request, submission stories, pictures both in romance-ways, other ways nothing how in the movie.  I think Steele ever come-back after the events Balto 1 would want see Steele not having good-time with Balto. Balto ruin Steele life in the ways his fame, respect, other-things. Those people are not think what I thinking use keep as enemy or every make peace in ways that explain Balto all as a mate you know Jenna from Balto 1 that complete the reason why there Balto 2 in the first-place show in every movie by this: Balto 1 Balto save Jenna owner hat, Jenna owner daughter. In Balto 2 go after him, Jenna daughter to bring her home. In Balto 3: Wings of Change saving Kodi his son job. There people enjoyed Balto with Jenna not all then the same-people made stories, pictures avoid, disguard the ideas in ways didn`t really like all three Balto movies show that ideas why in the world do anything in there best avoid, disguard if like or love that ideas. What everyone made list Balto being anyone then Jenna but the same-time said that enjoyed like or love that couple.

There are people said love or liked both two characters Balto, Steele why made stories, pictures Balto with other females, males. If like or love Balto, Jenna  lying in ways.  Now have made stories development there love for each would never cheat on it, be together forever just anyone with mated want be with.  Not like others fans that love  Balto, Steele, Balto 1 forget everything about there relation-ship nothing how from the movie, not use in stories, pictures not everyone like that. Some-times feel  that writers, creators more what think define fan is. Fan  to me him or her that enjoyed the character or characters whatever from there famous movie or movies or Video-game or video-games or TV-show or TV-shows use there  own idea`s when stuff show by the writers, creators that can development suggestion things like  a character does not have a mated but can have relation-ship with character from the content or fan-character, other-ideas.

But as someone  said no seem to care if out of characters look that way.  My re-action:  why ever be a fan at all or love it that question. If didn`t care about  use the character or characters, liked or favorite then think or made stuff make no sense on then. Make sense if a character has not a mated, can have mated sense you give then mated, no sense ideas this ideas both characters are enemy`s if become friends nothing can think more just friends  like the ideas both are single spent a lot time with each.  I like watch how the movies, video-games, TV-shows are like think do those thing by the fans world work-out with the characters. For ex: Someone kill off Jenna for Balto with two males, this ideas Balto, Steele not as enemy, other-ideas have talk about still close In this case Balto movies who give a crap about that.
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