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My thoughts Balto story about Kodi become a female

Note: No way I'm promotion this Fan-fiction in good-ways. I give my thoughts about the story that why there not links to check-out. Here is all about Kodi from Balto 3: Wings. This all the stuff has: A series of chapter bad-things happen to Kodi. First by Kodi father doing bad to him, Kodi done bad-things by Star, Nikki, Kaltag, Steele as a male, and then female because from male to a female. That as Steele kids, and then out with his sister Aleu from Balto 2 Wolf-Quest get a male wolf mate. Also Aleu, Kodi doing as females.
I found-out that Balto group on the website are this: For those of you who love the balto characters. No didn't like the Balto characters based on why do want see bad-things, nothing Kodi was being  has a strong sense of duty and responsibility, but also has his faults (such as allowing Balto to attempt a rescue mission into the Alaskan frontier alone for the sake of keeping his job). He remains fiercely loyal to his friends. Going to such heights such as forsaking his family's wishes to keep them content. He is also laid-back and cool-headed.  I turn next chapter be that Kodi male again with his parents, didn’t like the dream on that not him at all. On was  sled-dog, near his parents would never bad-things do him, Kodi think his parents the only ones for then, other-stuff. Here is some info that Kodi owner was the one made Kodi happier live being a female. If we talk about Balto 3: Wings of Change Mr. Simpson just like Kodi, Kirby, Dusty, Ralph all were more into deliever the mail, defense the rival or enemy of the movie. I can’t see Mr. Simpsons want change Kodi from male to female if Mr. Simpsons like Kodi more into there job nothing other then that.  Here is the question is there really people want see Kodi as a female what didn’t like Kodi being a a male if said yes but like or love this ideas the best answer no didn’t like as a male at all. But no suspended  based on that: someone said no seem to give a damn about it that the characters out of characters. Then the people said another person huge Balto fan so as fan, all those other people fan or huge fans this what you want see or read or want writer or draw nothing like the character or characters from the movies. But those are the same-people like ideas or made the ideas or liked reading or drawing Sonic from male to female, Tails from male to female from Sonic Fandom to me. Go show that fandom love your content because can avoid, disguard everything from the movie or movies or TV-show or Video-game or video-games. I’m not one those fans for reasons that didn’t waste idea’s, intents from characters from writers, creators.  I can make stories just fine about the back-story, after the events with keep with in this case Balto 3: Wings of Change how the character or characters without do those type things.
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