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Submissions for Story

If you will allow me to use your characters i need a full bio of them.. liek where they came from, who's their family, how they would react in a tough situation, whether you want them to be the cop, killer, or witness, how they act, etc. i'd also need their appearance, species and whether you want them in a gang.
tell me if you want them to be in explicit scenes of rape, or if you want me to kill them or arrest them.

thank you if you let me. you're character and you will be credited in the title and end of story.

pm me your submissions.
thank you for your time.

first submission:
Abbadon: sociopath, kills for fun. Doesn't have morals so crime is fun for him. LOVES blood. loves fruit punch with ground infant intestines, goats blood, and a small pink umbrella from his favorite skull. only person he cares is his adopted daughter.
Essence - Brother of Abbadon, loves people, will fight to the death if he has to... Normally fights Abbadon. VERY protective of his family and kind to all
Soul: Brawler. Loves to drink, but not get drunk. has VERY high alcohol tolerance. anyone insults his wife, he beats them to death. he is a pro boxer.
Psychi: assassin. family comes first for him wears a organization xiii style coat and a black mask with a red demon smile. uses a broadsword
Scarlett: abbadons adopted daughter. innocent and adorable. age 7 black hair and red eyes. doesn't fear abbadon and sees him as a protective father.
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