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My, my, my, my, my, my Furrsona.

Some artists have been kind enough to include my furrsona in their works, others are just curious.

So far I have given the artists free rein in portraying him but, a few consistencies have cropped up so, they are worth mentioning. I really should draw up a model sheet one of these days along the lines of this boilerplate description:

Sakana Katana, in the Japanese tradition of surname first; given name last. Call me Katana: "Fish" was Abe Vigoda.
Tanuki (not a raccoon) in species accurate depiction and colours. Tanukis don't have banded tails so, as Rose said, cut that shit out.
Male (Normal "straight" IE: heterosexual orientation).
Regular build but, that & height vary with degree of anthropomorphisation.
Round glasses are OK, either normal or comically Oriental.
Samurai chef -- "Iron Chef of Leftovers" armed with a large chef's knife and a large fork.
Kimono or Feudal Period outfits, in masculine colours & decorated with depictions of lemon wedges, fish, sushi or other Asian foods.
Lobster bib worn over kimono or armour and, used as battlefield flag.
So far, only Brentos has given him a voice so, I dunno, maybe "Engrish"?
Personality -- well, you've read my posts. XP

Previous Art reference Links:
Garrison Skunk -- http://archives.pawpet.tv/index.php.....age=Sakana.jpg
Brian Reynolds -- https://www.furaffinity.net/view/5892357/
Brentos -- http://www.ninechime.com/coonikaki/.....res/KC_171.png
Brentos (NSFW) -- https://sakana-katana.deviantart.com.....orld-268456550
Isabelle Smith (Rose, Thorn, Angel of Darkness, Pinkdino, Briskby... ) -- https://www.furaffinity.net/view/5398436

First comic appearance in B&W by Mark Stanley -- http://freefall.purrsia.com/ff1200/fv01110.htm

First comic appearance in colour, at the Cross Time Cafe drawn by that pointy pony, Roy Calbeck --

Latest, by Brentos -- http://www.ninechime.com/deep/pictu.....s/DTP_4660.png

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