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~A Journal About Second Life~

I thought I'd post a journal about SL because a friend of mine was talking about how his SL life is rather falling apart right now.

I haven't played Second Life in years. The reason for that is because playing as a little girl, I had a family and a good life when it all suddenly went crumbling down which was partially my fault. I lost a place to live, I lost most of my friends, and my family has completely shattered. I thought of playing a couple times since then, and even found a temporary family last year to take care of me while waiting for my current mom to come back online. It went wrong though and only  lasted about a week. I had a huge project to work on so I told the temp family I'd be offline for a couple days to work on it. I was gone a day then I came back on and none of them were on. I changed my name for some pony RP and logged out. I was gone 2 more days for homework after that, and when I came back on I had been removed from the group, and had a nasty letter about how I was on an alt hiding from them. None of it made any sense. I still today have a strong urge to be part of a family but I just can't take it anymore. Most families on Second life don't really care about you. Only one lady ever cared for real, and I feel like I completely ruined it. We hardly talk anymore and I feel quite lonely.

Not trying to be all depressing or anything, I just felt like these things needed to be said to get my mind clear.

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Added: 5 years, 6 months ago
5 years, 6 months ago
Second Life can be rather strange. Though for myself i been surviving for many years now as you know yourself. I think its a little untrue about the dramatic part. Things will always happen, So does real life. But most of my time i still enjoy as long i avoid the bad parts hehe.

My family has falling apart too, However im still with both my parents now. Split but there, They still care about me, And the family you talked about at first, you know who. She talked to me a little while ago in sl, trying to get back to it. So things arnt that bad.

I went to SL camp a little while ago, That was the best experience i ever had it felt so connected to rl.. And the people around you, it was one big family. It was hard for everyone that it only lasted one week, But i will join again next year! The point is.. Things can be better, Just like real life. You just have to find out how.

Also, Here is the camp movie. Incase you wonder about it: https://vimeo.com/70278076

*Huggles Sis* :3
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