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YCH Comic - For the Team

Hey yall, I am doing a YCH comic

I am doing 10 slots for this, its 10 pages, and I have the first 7 up, I'll be uploading the last 3 soon but I wanted to get the message out there for it now.

https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=451578 here, reply to this journal if interested

The story is written and of course drawn by me, because its a comic, its a little pricer then of course commissions. Rules and outlines for the comic are as follows.

The Team: You will have a choice of four teams to choose from: Soccer, Track, Swim, or Baseball This will determine the jersey and clothing (accessories) of Character 2 and 3

Character #1 - This is you, primarily the focus of the comic, you can be male, female or any variation within.

Character #2 - This can be a friend or one of my characters among the vast majority I have released if you do not have anyone to add.  This character can be male or female (if female, use of a strap-on will be done) They are the Vice Captain of the team you select.

Character #3 - This one follows the same rules as character 2, however they are the captain of the team, again you can put a friend here, or just ask me to use one of my character creations.

Gallery of Released Characters

As this is my first YCH comic, this will totally dictate how I do them in the future, It will help me improve greatly regardless, So i thank everyone who has an interest. IF the slots get filled I may consider a wait list.

Now Pricing (yes I know always a pain)

The Basic Comic is Black and White and costs 50 dollars, This is the quickest one.
The Color Comic is of course in color and costs 80 dollars. This one will take a little more time due to coloring

Payment is of course by paypal. All Payments should be entitled "For the Team" if you leave a comic so I know what it was for. You can send your payments to joeypanda @ gmail.com

Buyers are limited to 2 comics per order, please keep that in mind that each comic are individual orders so it counts as 2.

If your character has special features, "hyper, chubby, and so on." please say so, references are required (you may use any sources to best describe the visuals of your characters if they are beyond the basic look)

Thank you for your time and interest.

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Added: 5 years, 7 months ago
5 years, 5 months ago
Any update on this?
5 years, 4 months ago
hey Suel sorry about the late reply, yes I am still doing this, however due to unfortunate events, my tablet has died, i am still taking reserves until i replace it this month.
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