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August My B-Day Month Commissions

Hey, guys. Its here again. My dear Birthday month and I'm feeling really good. So good, that I'm going to have a commission sale. For a whole month of August, all my commissions will be on sale for $20. For $20 you can get anything that you want from Ecchi to simple drawings; color to line drawings. This sale will start 8/2/13 and will end 9/2/13.  ^^ Enjoy.

Okay, I know the summer is coming. This means room for serious potential. I've seen some things as well as read a some things that made me question my talent. I was concerned if I making any headway with my artwork. I have to say Skullgirls has a huge inspiration to my future projects. They are a small group who have been fired from revenge Labs and they still manage to defy the odds and become a huge success. I want that for myself. Even though, I'm just one person I want my artwork and universe to meaningful. So this summer, I'll be starting:

Moon Hunny Cafe Chronicles: It seems a lot people like Ananta, Lysithea, Bessie Bell, Nikoletta and Celestine. This all steaming from an rping I did awhile back. Here you read some of their weird days and exciting events that goes on in this small Cafe. I'm thinking of 15 short stories and maybe 4 chapter stories.

Ki How and Kitty Animation: I'm loving the little icons I have. So I might continue with some of the animation with different actions for them. I have a friend who does flash. However, what I have planned. I need a little help here and there. I do not know yet. If you guys are interested let me know.

Moondagger Manga: This has always been my dream to make a comic based my universe, my fictional home. Now, its time to stop dreaming and making it a reality.

Trades and Commissions Galore!!!!: I think the title speaks for itself. I need a  bit of funding. Points and Money would help me a lot. It will bring these dreams to life. It would be worth it in the end, for both parties. ^^

You guys, I need your guys help with this. I'm taking on a lot here. So this is going to be huge, and I would appreciate it.

To do list;

1. Open
2. :iconmrragamuffin: Trade
3. Open
4.  Remake picture
5. :icondodoman1er: Commission
6. Ponies
7. Pinkamena  

All the pictures have been reviewed and now its times to pick the winners. *smiled warmly*

1st place: :iconCujo-Escariot: - https://cujo-escariot.deviantart.com/art/Give-me-that-C...

I want to thank everybody for participating. *smiled* I hope you guys have fun and I hope to do this again.


Hey guys, I have new ideas. I just want to let everybody know that I will keep putting out new stuff but also I will be open to commission. This includes Drawing and writing Commissions.

These comissions are based on what you want done to the picture;

$ 5 - Linear drawings
$10 - Linear drawing with Background
$ 10 - Shaded drawings

$ 20 - Colored Drawings
$ 25 - Colored Drawings with Background
$ 35 - Shaded colored drawing with Background

+ $5 - per Character
Chibis - Are half price

I'm not big on hentai, I'm okay with a little ecchi but I do mostly artistic nude and design. But if you want something different just as me.


2. :iconNekuKoneko: 2 Commissions ( Family Portait and Profile picture Femboy.)
3. Antonio (Linear Sketch of a Cow girl)

Art Trade;

For those, who want an art trade please let me know. Usually, I work on three at time. (First come first served.)

1. :iconDragon-Productions: from dA
2. :iconMilkybody: from dA and FA
3. :iconanimwave: from dA
4. :icon1ring42: from Eka's Portal
5. :iconrickeyracoon123: from dA

Writing Commission
1. :iconKilkov87:
This takes more time to do but its very rewarding. This is a new process so please, be patient with me;

$10 - Three chp story
$ 5 - Short Story
$25 - Chronicles
+ $5 - Additional Chapters

As for genre, anything is fair game. I do Mature writing to adventure.

If you are interested in any of these opportunities please leave a comment below or send me a note.  BEFORE I GET STARTED ON ANY COMMISSIONS, YOU MUST PAY FIRST.  PAYPAL ONLY.
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