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Losing faith in humanity...

I honestly don't know why I bother anymore, don't understand why I bother putting work up on these sites or drop announce posts of my work. I've made a few requests for help to get illustrations done of some of my chars and each time I've been ignored. Sure, I don't have money to offer in return and I'm looking to the kindness of the universe. I understand some people have no choice but to use art as a means to support themselves but there are some out there who don't need too... Some who are way better off than most who could but ignore, your right I guess...

I have no belief what so ever in god, Christ or the church's teachings, I was brought up on believing in 2 things; the kindness of humanity and the universe provides. With how my requests have gone ignored OR  misunderstands about money I don't have I've started to lose faith in those concepts. I don't post this to be a troll or a dick. I post this because it just depresses me a lot. True, I asked for Reference sheets and that would be nice but all I'm really after is a few illustrations of chars in my stories. If I had something to offer I'd give but I don't, I'm just a writer doing what he's good at for everyone to enjoy. I may not post my work here and I'm sorry for that but I've never been able to get the work to show up on here. Than of course you get dicks like dragoneer on FA who rudely PM you the first and only time you post game shots (No, they CAN'T be sued by ANY MMO for allowing posts of game shots and the char I posted was a scaled lizard)...
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Added: 5 years, 5 months ago
5 years, 5 months ago
Dude, you really can't get permanently upset for not being amazingly lucky, which is what a person is if they get art for free - it's not a common thing.  If you're setting yourself up with the cosmos to have expectations of all this good karma come showering down upon you, then you're just creating a self fulfilling prophecy to be disappointed.  All the art I have, I've paid and budgeted for.  If you can't spend that sort of money now, well, that's just how it is.  Eventually, you'll be able to.

I'll be moving to Wisconsin come the end of the month and won't have a job, which means I'll have to slow myself down on any art I might want to have commissioned.  Would it be cool if an artist was personal enough to be inspired by some of my ideas to draw for free?  Sure.  Will I blame all of humanity because it doesn't happen?  No, because there's nothing in the universe entitling me to that sort of luck.

One thing you can do, though.  Watch every artist who interests you and enter every raffle that you can.  Luck is something you can create.
5 years, 5 months ago
heh Just 1 of those days I'm more down than others... It's never a permanent thing really and I'll be on to complaining about the next thing :3
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