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To Anyone Who's Ever Said You Can't

Just a little vent journal that if you have dreams follow them and let no one get in your way. I'll use myself as an example... if I can go and say I want to I dunno create a theme park call it Fire Island and have a story line based of it using my fursona and his friends then have been working on this project for two years starting with the stories when in fact I'm on episode 6 and have yet to advance further... someone would come along and say "you should go back to your rich parents for you won't be able to survive on your own nor will you be able to create a multi-million dollar theme park by yourself" well wow way to support someone trying to give you entertainment unless A. you hate all things fun and would like to see me fail or B. You're allergic to amusement Parks. Witch ever one I don't have the time for it I want to start from the bottom to get to where I want to be and you're nothing but a road block. I shall over come I will do this on my own and no not all on my own you need at least some help. Project Fire Island will end in success and not in failure because every person telling me to stop what I'm doing now before I hurt myself have possibly failed at life themselves and are trying to keep me back from being successful for their sick pleasure because they couldn't do what they wanted to do. This is why when years from now when my project has complete I'll laugh at every funtard who's ever done me wrong or tried to hold me back so I end with this if you really want to do society a favor your best bet is dropping dead because being a sad waist of space holding everyone back from their dreams is just the last thing society need right now and the last thing a future business leader like me feels like dealing with. Follow your dreams and don't be an asshole ~RollerCoasterViper59
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