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Thoughts on DuckTales Remastered and its repercussions

DuckTales Remastered is awesome.  So far I have played the opening level and a third of the way through the Moon, and I have to give my thoughts.  

The voice acting is fantastic.  Even after all this time, the crew has still got it.  Fenton however sounds different and for hardcore fans it might be a tiny bit off-putting.  Everything else is awesome, and is super-authentic.  A true Disney Afternoon delight.  (Pun unintended, I swear)

This version adds additional story elements that would have been almost out of place in the push-start-and-just-play-already days of NES gameplay.  I won't spoil anything but they manage to make things actually make sense in a story-telling way that would have been impossible via the technology of the NES, and conveyed in a manner that no instruction book could ever do.  Very cool.  

Instead of a static stage select screen, now you can hop around in the Money Bin's foyer before approaching the computer, and actually, for the first time, DIVE INTO THE BIN.  There's even an achievement for it.  The sound and the action are rather cathartic.  

Also, it's REALLY funny.  On par with the show for certain.  

You owe it to yourself to attain this masterpiece.  Steam is what I prefer for the lower cost but if you get the retail copy you also get a cool pin.  

Now the repercussions.  The other TDA shows had Capcom games too.  The next in the TDA lineup and also in Capcom creation is the one I have been waiting for.  

Rescue Rangers Remastered.  

This game not only proves that Rescue Rangers can be done but that they could have lots of different additions.  For example, in between the lettered zones, I can see there being the option of hanging out in Ranger HQ, looking over art or news clippings collected in-game similar to the art gallery here in this one.  Possibly running around the park and just goofing off?  It could happen.  

The only major thing is the voice acting.  I see no issue with Jim Cummings, Peter Cullen or Corey Burton returning, (and maybe even a cameo with Rob Paulsen...please?)  But Tress MacNeille is harder to connect with than she was at the time of the original game's creation.  Rob even had difficulty getting her to appear for his podcast.  The question of her returning for this game is still a matter of debate, and her being key to the show might put the prospects in greater jeopardy.  Or if they sadly have to continue without her, who would replace her as the voices of Gadget and Chip?

These are just my thoughts on the awesome potential that Disney and WayForward have.  WF have done great things with all of the franchises given them (Adventure Time and Double Dragon Neon are both really well done)  So with any luck we'll see them hammer out some more awesome Capcom Disney games!
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