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Details of the "big project" I'm working on

So more than a couple folks have been commenting on my flash stuff recently saying things along the lines of:

"It needs more options"
"I like it but you need to add more expressions"
"You should add some other angles"

So on and so forth.

Guys, and gals, I know these things.  Not a single flash animation or game I've made so far has been anywhere near a serious fully featured project, they're all just tests, experiments, me messing around and making whatever little thing I have an idea for at the time etc. Killing boredum if you will lol. The odd one out that I would deem close to a complete thing was Sherly's flash game commission I did a while back and that was never really finished to the point I initially wanted it to be either.

Anyway what I'm saying is I won't be posting any more flash stuff of this type for a while, if you've been paying attention to my hints on the past few submissions you can probably guess what I am working on next and it is neither small nor simple and will take many weeks to complete so I hope people will like it when its finally done.

Now if you'd like the specific details of what it is and what features I can more or less guarantee will make it read on, if you'd like it to be a nice surprise like I originally intended then uh stop here?


1. It will be a flash game, duh

2. 8 characters will be featured in total, 4 cub girls, 3 males and a futa, they are as follows:

- Jace, the same blue kanine male with a larger than normal penis who is with Anna, my now popular little bunny girl.
- Dave, once known as just Thunder, he's basically a steriotype really big horse guy, with the penis to prove it who will be with Misha, my purple kitty girl who is the most enthusiastic of the 4 girls since she's happily taking on a guy with a penis bigger than her arms.  
- Mike, the scruffy morone furred canine from my silly little DF comic strip, he is with the same girl from that who's name is Sasha.  
- Kylie, the futa girl i recently posted a pic of who is with the same girl in that pic named Rachelle.

3. The base part of the game will have 4 selectable starting options (since their are 4 couples). This means 4 unique sets of animations including at least insertion, sex and spooge.  Whether or not I have them all in different poses is uncertain right now but if I were to use the same for each it would drastically cut down on raw frame drawing time, especially since the girls are all roughly the same size.

4.  If I feel like wanting to kill myself on top of everything else extra animations such as vaginal/anal alternates and internal/external cumshot options will maybe be included.

5. I will attempt to have proper expressions for every part of the 4 animations and the number of frames in total will also be higher to avoid the 'twitchy' effect you get when not having tonnes of frames.

6. DO NOT for the love of god expect to see this finished any time soon.  Seriously I'll say its about a months work when in reality you'll probably be lucky if I post it by oooh lets say... late july early august.

I will be keeping you guys up to date on progress and as I have been already, posting stand alone pieces of work that relate to it as well as other random stuff like normal.  Probably no animations though for a while.

Oh and ultimately I'm hoping this animation will serve as a nice precursor to a comic I might try to get started featuring these same 8 characters eventually.  I've actually written alot of backstory and whatnot already so I'd like to do something with that stuff and a comic would work best.

Thanks for taking the time to read all this if any of you actually bothered lol, here's hoping I actually get this thing done ey? =P

- Zenu
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Added: 7 years, 10 months ago
7 years, 10 months ago
Well i can't wait to see this sometime in the future :D
7 years, 10 months ago
Many thanks for the update! The best of luck to you - 'certainly sounds like you've got the ambition (and we know you've got the skills).
7 years, 10 months ago
Thanks, it'll be nice for me more than anyone else if I actually get this done lol.  
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