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So... Wolverine Killed Batman...

... in a game of Heroclix I played. My team was the following:

Dr. Strange 149 pts
Colonel Logan (Wolverine from Days Of Future Past) 70 pts
X-23 35 pts
Night Nurse 27 pts
Added a couple of feats:
Ambush (on both Logan and X-23) 5 pts each (10 pts)
Lunge (on X-23) 5 pts

Total = 296 pts


Justice League

Batman 200 pts
Green Arrow 80
Justice League (Silver Age) additional team ability 4 pts each (8 pts)
Added the Spotter feat for 5 more points

Total = 293 pts

Long story put short, Colonel Logan waited in stealth til Batman was forced to get in close quarters with him and SNIKT! Batman took a heavy hit from the berserker mutant! Or one of them at least... X-23 used lunge to deal Batman more damage. Strange had to rest. Green Arrow tried defending Bats with a ranged attack but fell short unfortunately. Batman attacked Logan with a close combat attack but Logan dodged with Super Senses (rolled a 5). Logan then eviscerated Bats to death and Strange smote Arrow for three damage. Colonel Logan got hit by Arrow but it was too little too late as next turn X-23 lunged at the archer and spilled his guts for the win.

And to think Night Nurse got no action to heal anyone ;-; I'm sure somewhere, Joker was watching in absolute rage as Logan did what he had failed so many times to do.

Tough luck, Jack xD
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Added: 5 years, 6 months ago
5 years, 6 months ago
sounds like a good game.
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