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Free Art Auction (Update)

Heya Guys. Just a little over 7 and a half days left until the auction is closed. Im just updating to let everyone know that there is still a chance to place a bid, and take the prize!

I am looking for 3 winners, and the bids are still low enough that any of you guys can swoop and steal the position!

for those that dont know about the auction, the auction is for my art services for 1 year, for free. This goes to the highest bidder. Why am I doing this, Because i am saving up for my nanas hospital bill.

(Which by the way guys. she has made a full recovery, but has been told to stay on the treatment they gave her, until told to stop. which is perfectly fine. she is much healthier. Ill be able to see her in her home when i get to NYC, meaning ill be able to take some pics with her)

the bill is 3000, and well im saving all i can to pay for the bill.

Now you can still win if your also 2nd or 3rd highest. so there is still that.

The prizes are:

3rd Place
1 Full colored, Soft Celshaded pin up of your character. Doing whatever you wish.

2nd Place
1 Full Colored, Soft Celshaded Picture involving 2 characters doing whatever you please.

1st Place
1 Full Colored, Soft Celshaded Picture involving 3 Characetrs, doing whatever you please,
My Art Services for 1 full year from the day you are ready to start.

Here is the Auction Link >>> http://www.furbuy.com/auctions/1023129.html?

for the winner, these are the terms.

-If you win my art services for the year. The year WILL NOT START, Until you have asked for that 1st picture.

-You are allowed up to 3 pics a week, as to give me the time to work on commissions as well, as yours. Your pictures will be treated AS commissions.

-Know my restrictions. there are certain things that I will draw, and will not draw. if you dont know, or want to know, please Contact me about the picture, I will be more than happy to tell you.

Only 3 people have bid, and the bids are minimal. They can STILL BE Taken!

as you all know. the money and proceeds go toward my nanas health bill.


Now if you CANT bid, but still want to help, there are 3 ways you can.

1. Commission me. I am Still doing Name your Price commissions. Whatever you want, For whatever price you set. and Yes. You can give a Dollar. It still helps. Trust me. I had a person commission me for a Ref Sheet, and gave me 2 bucks for it. I am serious when i say, its NAME YOUR PRICE.

2. Donate. Now, I dont prefer donations, as it seems i am mooching, and i love to work for my money, but if you feel that you just wanna help a good cause, and give me the break because of the stress of it all, then you are more than welcome to donate. Donators will be getting some free pictures from me and an unknown artist that i am keeping a secret until the 15th. Donations are accepted at my PayPal, which is DMKProductions2009@gmail.com

3. Spread the word. If you cant Commission, or Donate, then simply spreading the word is as good. Place a Journal, submission, or a audio/video blog stating what I am doing. It shows me your still willing to help, and it shows that you care for the cause. Showing me that is as good as donating.

Those are the ways. any way is fine. so dont feel bad. You can help any way you want.

also. for those that want to know...

$2,425 Obtained So Far!

Im just under 600 away. Thanks guys. Thank you very much. I am so close to my goal, and You guys have been an awesome help. I cant thank you enough, for all your help, words, and support. You guys are all amazing...and you all hold a place in my heart.

Thank you. You guys are my inspiration and you make drawing, worthwhile. I hope you guys continue to follow me with everything i do.


Other than that, thats all that is needed to be said. If you want to speak to me, feel free to add me to any of my messengers, Note Me, Email me, whatever floats your boat. I will reply.

Have a good day guys!
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