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lonely day

Have to take care of my parents' dogs while they are out of town for a while. One of the dogs hates my guts. She's a little chiwawa that has brain damage...literally. She never stops barking at me the entire time I'm there! I mean CONSTANTLY. The only time she goes silent is when i get really close to her and lean down and talk to her, then she just turns her head. She also barks at the other dogs if any of them touch her.  I seriously feel sorry for her though. Wish there were some pills for aggression or something for dogs....because I know the way she acts is abnormal even for her breed. The other two dogs are very friendly and patient. I felt pretty horrible having to leave them alone in the house tonight because I couldn't stand being in there around the other one.

I also have to deal with people that remind me very much of that chiwawa. I can't reason with them, I can't convince them that their horrible vision of their situation is just plain wrong, and so I can't help them at all...

So between that...and the chiwawa always barking at me...over and over....ugggg. I think I just need a day off from this crazy bullshit.  I'm tried of trying. I just closed skype a moment ago to have some silence. Even though I'm alone and a trillion things are missing in my life right now...at least I can rest for a while.  I try to be a nice guy....but people..and creatures make it so damn hard. Yeah, to hell with everybody else right now XD it's bunny's 'me' time..
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Added: 5 years, 8 months ago
5 years, 8 months ago
That's evolution for you. Seriously. It's not pleasant... but it's more pleasant to accept reality, then to believe a lie.

But that's just my outlook. Since I have my own problems, I encourage you to disregard me lol.
5 years, 8 months ago
Aaawww poor li'l thing ... have you tried to give her a li'l toy or maybe these kind of chewing toys that allows them to chew in it ? ... it would keep her occupied and maybe might work

Yeah I understand you very well .... oooohh good Lord so well ... this is also one reason that I'm not on Skype ... I like to have the plain good old peace lately ... to put my brain in the fridge to allow it to relax ...  

Yeah I've discovered that to survive we have to be selfish sometime ... Best way to not catch horrible headaches :)
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