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Sample Scene of writing. :D

Start this off by saying... I'm DIZZY.... watching two streams at once on my dual monitor setup. @_@* but fun to watch my character drawn for the first time. never got to watch streams of my character before. :3 Thanks
for letting me watch you work this morning. :D

for grins and giggles I thought I'd share a rough scene from what I'm working on. The "nutterbutter" incident. To say the least... there's a REASON by black dragons are called skull dragons. This is just rough layout.

Katrina was cringing at the officer glaring down at her as she sat on the bench. "McVoy told me to stay here same with Arasuna!" She protested as she felt the bench shift slightly. as Runei stood up on it and next to her. She'd never seen the look on the younger dragon's face before, for a six year old he'd always been so passive and go with it, and now he looked much like his mother when she was 'displeased' creating that intimidating aura that only draconic nature could produce.

"Yeah right kid. Get your ass in gear we're going to the LT's office... What are you lookin' at brat?" The fox's face screws up into a look of disdain not intimidated at all.

"Nutterbutter." Runei says in a low growly voice.

"Wha..." The officer says as he takes a slight step forward to turn to the young dragon. Right now the dragon was craneing his neck to look him in the face. "Your not getting a candy bar..."

Runei grins catching the fox off guard and then rotates his head down slamming the thick boney crest of his head into the fox's crotch with his horns also slamming him in the solar plexus. Smiling at the officer now coughing for air and clutching his balls in pain he shrugs and plops down next to Katrina. He looks up at the 12 year old fox and continues smiling hoping for praise. Katrina looks at the scene that played out before her and after started laughing she pats him on the head.

The fox however wasn't about to let his pride be so easily beat on. "You little bastard!" He reaches up with his hand to hit hte young dragon when somebody grabbed his arm. "What?" He turns to See LT McVoy behind him. "Er LT... uh the bra... er kid was out of your office again."

"That's cause I told her to stay here while I talked to Ms Stillwater in my office... the mother of that six year old boy your about to hit." The horse leans in close and whispers. "The same woman that in the throws of passion fractured my pelvis last year... now... I know your smart. What do YOU think will happen if your hit her kid."

The fox gulps. "Er... I think I have some reports that need filing..." Making a hasty, hunched over, and limping retreat he heads to the back offices.
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