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Active Watchers?

So just curious...how many people, furs, things...here are actually active watchers.
I ask this because I have WAY too many sites I am "Active" on. My main/"professional" gallery will remain on DeviantArt (please no griping about it, I know plenty of people hate that place but keep it to yourselves and other polls that aren't mine) while my secondary gallery for all the porn and stuff will be put into my "Main" account on either SoFurry, FurAffinity, InkBunny, or Weasyl. While the others that are not chosen to become my "Main" account will be "Secondaries" and will be visited less frequently.

My thoughts on which account I should choose as my "Main" account:
It's where I have the most watchers, but that doesn't mean that they are all active or even care anymore. I have had little to no comments or feedback on my art and I have been unable to get any commissions by myself. Overall I like the site and I like to watch my favorite comics there. BUT it's so full of drama and the moment you say a bad thing about gay even if its about a specific person, not the community in general, there are extremists there to scream and yell at you and frankly, I never want to cause that drama and I always try to tone it down but a small argument with another user left me depressed and scared to talk to anyone on that site. I have since gotten over it and I can get back to drawing. On the good side of FurAffinity, I have a few good friends that I dont want to leave there. I talk to them daily if I can and I enjoy our talks.
Chance of this site becoming my "Main" account: 46%
Where it all began for me. Peer pressured into becoming a fur by the other furs in my high school, I was directed to this site and then fully recognized myself as a "partial" fur. I do not like the title but I do enjoy the fandom at times. I do feel welcomed here and I like the site layout. My only other complain is the picture sizes when viewing artwork. I can never see the picture fully and must go into that special viewing mode to see the full picture. This site is also a huge porn site and doesn't allow non-furry related human art so thats a pretty big down side. Yes I draw furry more but I do want to get back to humans and I like sharing my stories with others. I am somewhat disgusted by the amount of hatred (not particularly on this site) that furies have for humans. God people, you are fucking human too, and stop hating on those who like to draw or make stories about them. I join artistes for creative freedom. SoFurry is nice because it lets me express my porno side but limits all the rest of my art by not allowing non-furry related artwork. If that were to change I would like this site a whole lot more. But it wont change how much I like this site since my "human" comic also contains a lot of werewolf action (and werepyer action).
Chances of this site becoming my "Main" account: %54
I used to like this site, BUT I feel like I have lost most of my watchers and it seems like everyone who doesn't have an account there hates that place. My art partner, Faust left there because he didn't like the content there. And frankly I'm starting to get peeved too. As I enter my professional careers I don't want to be as much affiliated with a child porn site. Yes that's what I consider InkBunny. I have grown tolerant of those people as long as they keep their child-loving ideals to paper and not actually harming a real child. I am overall disgusted by the content on the site and I am most-likely not going to be visiting it as much.
Chances of this site becoming my "Main" account: %0
This site is fairly new and I paid $5 to get into it when it first started opening hoping I could get some recognition there. It hasn't worked out as planned and I don't like the filter system where I have approve of all the different mature tags to view my OWN submission. I like the different options for character sheets it has but over all it's a site that's going to have to take more patience than I'm willing to give.
Chances of this site becoming my "Main" account: %0
To sum things up…I will most likely choose either (or both) FurAffinity and/or SoFurry as my “Main” account along with DeviantArt as my “Professional” account. I will not completely drop Inkbunny or Weasyl but I will visit and upload to them less frequently and only upload my favorite (and finished) pictures.
Any comments from my watchers would be much appreciated.
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Added: 5 years, 8 months ago
5 years, 8 months ago
I watch here, an here only.
5 years, 8 months ago
Ditto, I watch just here. The community here is best.
5 years, 8 months ago
I am mostly just on here.  I go to other sites just to check for messages.
5 years, 8 months ago
I'm more "active" here because i watch far too many people on FA... and art always gets lost due to that fact...
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