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Discord in Equestria Branching Series (RHC label)

Let's try and avoid the Internet shitstorms this time, bronies? Please?

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Added: 5 years, 10 months ago
5 years, 10 months ago
Oh that is such a nice idea. 8) Its a pity you get those people who absolutely hate, despise etc etc so called humans in Equestria and all those other versions, for a single simple reason. It aint them defining exactly what occurs, as in, not only are they not absolute God in that fan reality, but especially in this one also.

Id only have one thing to request. Equestria, as in the show, and me, as myself. Unlocked. If he has any sense, for that precise request, he would have to deny me.

For I have seen the laws of Chaos, and they are Fibonnacci.

I would also have a Pony Crystal, which has certain, intresting, effects. The main being, it exists. 8}

We have technology reasearch announced that can keep Moores law going for another 50 years. In 100 years time, it will totally impossible for any mere human mind to comprehend anything but the very basic appearence of anything surrounding them. Assuming any real flesh multicellular humans remain.
5 years, 10 months ago
The scary thing is: I read all that and understood 85% of it.

The thing I think DHX wanted to hammer home is that "MLP" isn't "furry" they are CHARACTERS independent of how you draw them, they remain the same essential nature. Labels like straight and gay and male and female only serve to confine us.

Who among you, I ask, would not have a round of drinks with their friends at the end of the day?

Not a one... not a one...

I wish to be like Clayton Esau and Mister Igolnikov, like Tolkien, like R.R.Martin, like Lauren Faust and Melanie Herring and William Butler Yeats and Don Bluth. They're good rolemodels for me and will continue to be so even 20 years from now. The problems that seem so large today will be but motes of dust for the road I have yet to travel.
5 years, 10 months ago
The really scary thing is, is if you understood 85%, then its a really good thing you didnt understand the rest, because youd be in the high dependancy ward, with Screwloose keeping out of your way, and Discord sweating due to trying to think of something that wouldnt get him playing mr bullseye to FlutterRage.

In Second Life I spend most of my time in one of the educational areas, with table games in free time. Theres one human, balding, Im the pony, then theres a hamster, a robot dog, an alien, and quite often some very strange people around. There are experts there in SL scripting, building, compter servers, mathematics, etc etc. I believe there is one spectacularly intelligent and well educated person who can keep up with me and point out where Im wrong, for hours on end, unfortunately, after a while, I realy start to hit the dumb ideas, and she loses where Im going. 8(

For Discord alowing me being in Equestria, then Id be a simple, boring, basic Earth Pony, with only a couple of extras. My cutie mark, and My Shed. Five years worth of quantum gem nanoweave construction, with my ability of Boost to interact with magical spacetime, through the semisentient structure, with fan wheels, sled runner floats, and foldout wings. In order to beat my rig, Rainbow Dash would have to vastly exceed so called Double Rainboom. 8}

My greatest trick? Im a background support pony. You never see me. I do the plumbing, sanitation and other civil support works, because as the outhouse and kitchens show, somepony has to. And like the story (Clarke? Old) Strikebreaker shows. Being in a reviled job is far better if handled by somepony who doesnt, or even more story based, cannot, know what freindship truely is.
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