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The Craziness that is Cobraness - Fucking Fridays

Those who have watched over the last year may have seen a pattern, that I frequently claim to get ideas for art and other things during the moments when I am waking up.

I have come to the conclusion that my subconscious spends the entire time I am sleeping coming up with these things and they're like oh hell, he's waking up, get the powerpoint presentation ready, we only got a few minutes...

so today's gem from the depths of the Subconscious...WHEN I start my world religion (because one must have goals) I will have fucking fridays.  Like the Catholic's cant eat meat on fridays, cobraites will be required to keep the fucking friday.

Rule 1:  You must add the adverb fucking before every verb. " Example: I am fucking going to the store, do you fucking need anything?"
Rule 2: Don't speak about Fucking Friday   You cant tell anyone why.


So on to more craziness.  When I'm doing de artz, I tend to listen to either hulu or youtube for entertainment and favor the longer stuff....on youtube its been documentaries for length purposes so I dont have to keep changing content. (Although been watching standup acts lately too)

But one interesting thing I watched, led me to go research something.  The story of Adam and Eve, fucking orgy.  Yes, its all a metaphor cuz the guys writing it said we cant write about an orgy, let's say its a tree, the smart people will know what we're talking about.  So they ate the fruit of the true given to them essentially by satan.  What is the fruit?  The fruit of course is the seed of the tree.  Hmm.

The convincing part of this whole take is the punishments.  Remember, code is an eye for an eye and punishment should fit the crime.  The snake is punished by being forced to crawl on its belly and eat the dust of the earth.  Eve is to have pain in childbirth.  Adam's act has apparently cursed the ground and he say die, and it directly calls him dust.

Also rather telling is after feeling guilty for what they did, they covered their genitals with leaves.  Yeah cuz eating an apple does that.

So the snake shall eat dust and Adam is dust.  Hmm...  THE SNAKE BLEW ADAM.  Eve's crime is pain in childbirth.  THE SNAKE SNOGGED HER.  And Adam did something onto the ground that cursed it.  Yup, he blew his load onto the ground, possibly when the snake was doing him.

But wait...there's Moar...what happens in next chapter?  There's some babies on the way.  Cain, a child from the Lord ( first time this is used without the word God following, so maybe not the lord god, but some other lord.hmmm)  and Abel, possibly twin births by different fathers.  And Cain was literally a bad seed as we know.

Then add the fact that 2 chapters later, fallen angels are totally snogging "the daughters of man (but maybe not the daughters of cain) and their offspring are giants

You may think this is far fetched and its just a fucking apple.  However Cain is specifically referred to in New testament as "from the evil one"  hmm?

this also explains why the bible seems to go on ad naseum with genealogies.  Its to prove that their bloodlines are uncorrupted (read:  we dont want no muggles)  I mean even in new testament, the reason why women are to keep hair covered is to make them less appealing to angels.  srsly look it up.

so there's your bible lesson for today, bisexual ORGY IN THE GARDEN OF EDEN woot woot

so what do you think?  do you think its talking about an orgy?  I mean even Joseph Campbell thought the tree was a metaphor for sex...he just didn't go far enough.  

and you keep fucking fridays faithfully? hehe
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