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To my Recent watchers.

I've been somewhat motivated to begin writing again. Between calls yesterday at work I came up with a basic plot and time line I wish to follow. starting with a young Runei at 6 years old, then 12, then 14, 18, 24, and then 30. and would detail his sexual encounters through life. I plan to use "Rina" the herm fox you've seen in my gallery in a previous image. in the story as well... you will also see some images of her posted later on today and this week. It's slow going uploading stuff as I pick through things. I plan to post everything, though most of it may have warnings of an incomplete nature for stories. I was going though an emotional time and my interest would come and go with writing because my life was unarguably horrible at the time I was writing most of my stories. Depression was common and I'd get in a funk thinking "why would anyone even read this garbage". I suppose that's why I became an art junky. Doesn't help that FA never really gave me any useful feedback. hah.

Right now it'll be an "adventure" in 3rd person perspective. This allows me to tell the tale from a perspective outside what he alone experiences... and allows some flexibility to have a few other fun scene's happen that would be lesbianish with Rina. I say "ish" cause well she's a herm. hah. Right now theme's that would be involved are oral, anal, herm on male, male on herm, mom and son, "sister" and brother, teacher student, male on male (same age locker room sex), threesome's, pregnancy, ect.

One theme that deserved a separate paragraph... I _REALLY_ like and may not be everyone's cup of tea. This is excessive cum... or slight to moderate cum inflation. The most extreme is going to be a liter of spooge at this time... and we're talking stomach's bulging either from cum down throat or uterus flooded beyond capacity and it leaking EVERYWHERE! hehe. I'm sorry if this is not your thing... it really is mine. Blame Fenoxo and Corruption of Champions! ;p But I digress... it'll only be Runei with the legendary production of spooge.

I'm shooting for a minimum of 10 pages per story. This may involved 1-2 sex scene's, but I do wish to have a plot and a general focus on the life and trials of him growing up and getting on with his life. For those that want porn only I'll indicate where it starts in the creator comments when i post them *roll's eye's* I don't want to literally lose the fucking plot like I have so many times before trying to throw the porn in there to make the story... rather then the story making the porn.

In other news I play Kerbal Space Program... I'm tempted to stream it on Sunday night's if you people wanna watch me be terrabad at it. I do use a few mods. I'm going to clean install it soon and install my base "I must have these!" mods which include mechjeb, HOME, a special girders, impossible innovations (fusion engines! Fuck YEAH!), and a few bits that add extra utility parts like cargo pods on rockets and aerodynamic stuff for space planes. Anyone know how to actually stream stuff? XD

In other news I'm tempted to try out RPG maker... and making an a REAL RPG... but as a test I may make an erotic type rpg >_>* not even sure you can do that with it but meh...
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