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Erica and Hayley vs. the Secret World

One fateful day, Erica and I are on a trip to the Grand Canyon. All seems calm at first until we see it: An enormous spider-like monster heading our way.
In panic, we run for our lives while screaming, but could not get away before it lays eggs and multiplies...we stand still for a second and then continue running in horror as the uncountable number of spiders runs for us. We try hiding behind a boulder but then things take a turn for the worse...an earth quake occurs, opening the ground, swallowing the largest spider and taking us with it. I try staying close to Erica but fail and fall onto the spider until we land in water and swim to shore...but what we find is very unusual, and we realize it must be an unheard of world. Erica asks "Where are we?" and I answer "We must have found secret ruins!"
We set out to explore and find a family of odd looking, blue slugs. "Blargonuwa!" the largest one screeches. "What?..." dumbfounded Erica replies. I say, "Well maybe we can call them blargs since that 'word' was part of what one said." Erica asks them "Yeah okay, so blargs will you help us?" They all reply simultaneously "Dfurnsjd?"
I try reasoning with them. "Blargs! We are from the world above! Do you know how we can get back?" But the blargs start to run away screaming and the Earth begins to shake; it's the spider! I make the suggestion, "WAIT! Perhaps we can ride the spider back home if the blargs help protect us!"
But Erica cannot hear me over the blargs' battle cry. We both duck as the blarges launch themselves at the spider. Something fascinating happens: the blargs begin controlling the spider, riding it and directing it where to go. The spider's green eyes then turn blue as the blarges chant, "Gararu..." Erica and I watch in amazement and slowly approach it. The spider's venim-dripping fangs stop dripping and the blarges start chanting at us the same thing: "Gararu. Gararu..." My eyes turn blue, then back to green in a look of understanding. I tell Erica, "They want us to jump onto the spider. We have to trust them, it could be our only way to get home." She agrees, but then red people run at the blarges. One of the blarges throws us onto the spider and speaks to me. I tell Erica what he had said: "GET MOVING, before it is too late, for these people known as the grudges will do anything to sabotage us or our friends."
The spider shoots out a web to a far away tree, then screeches and jumps off the ground and starts to swing from one tree to another as the two of us scream in terror. We continue swinging from trees and screaming until we are almost back to our world, when suddenly, an arrow shoots past its head hitting a rock and the opening to our world closes. We fall with the spider and turn around to see the grudges running for us. Realizing we have to fight, I signal to Erica for us to ride the spider and charge as arrows keep being shot towards us and the spider continues to jump over them. The spider hits many, some passing out and others falling into a deep trench. The spider then flings Erica off but I hang on calling out her name. She starts to get up, but one of the remaining grudges picks her up and starts running off with her, so I direct the spider to give chase.
But it is no use, for I am surrounded by the other grudges...until the blarges come out of nowhere to help. The blarges control the grudges to be on our side including the one who trapped Erica, bringing her back to me and the spider.
Suddenly there is another quake and I fling off the spider and into the trench, but then a human comes and grabs my arms just in time. I am amazed at this person and wonder who he is as he pulls me out of the trench. Erica and I then get a better look at the person and notice that he has blue eyes and therefore possibly part of the blarges, but we are unsure. He makes a loud yell into the trees, and another man with blue eyes approaches. We continue staring at them wondering about their identities.
However, the blarges begin lecturing me that the men are imposters. The second man to arrive then took Erica and ran with her, as the blarges made me aware that they could not be controlled by them, and niether could my friend. The first man to arrive then grabbed me and ran after Erica and the other man, and we then dissapeared from the blarges' sight...
End of Chapter 1
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