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Please help us, Donations and commissions.

Hi everybody, we are here again to ask for some help, we are in a little hurry right now we need new and better hardware so we can do better artwork but we don't have the money so we are asking you do to us donations and or commissions and this time we will give some facilities so let us explain, for those who donate we will give you sketchs, or normal pictures with color or even full shaded pictures with BG all depens of how much you donate we want you help us but also we want give you something and not just earn money, all donors obtain something!
for commissioners you know we will try get your commission soon as we can and in the best way we can and if we reach the goal we primise give you something really good since right now our actuall hardware is not good enough and wea re seriously limited by that.

What we have?

We only have a cheap and simple genious tablet, nvidia 520 gt graphic card, 4G RAM and we make them work far away as they should over all the tablet is way too simple. x_x

what we need?

well we need a new tablet, at least we are looking for a wacon banboo and we are looking for the cheapest since those are expensive, a new graphic card [this card is necessary for the proper functioning of drawing software] we are looking for a nvidia gtx and more ram would be nice so we can put much more layers and details to our work, a better PC power source (600W at least) also and the prices are around:

tablet: 110 US   Graphic card: 250 US RAM (another 4G) : 50 US  PC Power source : 60 US

So we need around: 470 US

But we might find all cheaper since we are just estimating prices we don't know all its actual prices but are close and we are asking at least for half but if we get all is much better of it in commissions and donations but if we get all is much better so we really beg you help us with this and remember donors will be rewarded.

Donations Rewards:

5 US: at least 2 fast sketch or 1 detailed sketch

Between 6 and 9 US: 2 detailed sketch or 1 Digital Ink sketch

Between 10 and 15 US: 2 flat color pic or 1 flat colored pic with simple BG

more than 20US Full shaded pic with BG

Or if you donate even more you will have free pictures from one month (at least 3 pic) to a whole year if you donation is huge.

also If you talk about us with your friends and link this journal recomending us and they donate or commissionate us both with get a reward.

Commissions will have priority over donation rewards BUT all will get your pics and commission prices are not listed since we need know first what you want so we can tell you a price ok?

We also think donate to IB site if we earn enough money!!! :3

IF YOU DONATE PM US SO WE CAN REWARD YOU!!!! we need know the donation amount and your paypal user.

You need ask something? you don't understan because my English is really bad just PM us.

Thanks you for read and suport.
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i wanna help out
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