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Holy Shit Kyanbu's really going to do Commissions!

That's right boys and girls! Studio Kyanbu "that's me" is now open for commissions!.... In September. You can however reserve a spot now free of charge. I will only be working on these one at a time. So you may have to wait.

Also this is mainly for spend change. If there is another artist you know of that needs money. PLEASE GO TO THEM FIRST! I don't need the money, I can wait.

Digital Sketches and line work: $5

Flat Colors: $7

Rendered CGs with no background/simple gradient Background: $10

Rendered CGs with background: $15

$3 per additional Character. Chibis can be added for free so long as there isn't going to be more then 2 of them.

And they'll be open until I reach $100 USD in total sales. As appose to simply just having a cut off date.

What can you draw?:

Well I'm still rusty with surreal and lighting. But aside from that I can draw most anime and cartoon styles. Your welcome to ask for these things but the wait may be longer as a result due to trial and error. In short just ask me anything and I'll let you know If I can do it. Chances are I'll attempt it free of charge.

How does this work?
Simple, post in this thread what you want me to draw and provide references to what you have in mind. Poses, the character(s), coloring scheme, styles, ect. Then I'll let you know If I can do it. If yes then I'll start working on it. Your free to pay me whenever you want except before the actual line work/coloring stage (depending on what you asked for). I won't go any farther then that without pay. Also you must pay through Pay Pal. Sorry but that's all I can accept right now.

Throughout the commission. I will keep you constantly up to date on your commission and anything that may delay it or harm it. From start to finish, you will never once be kept in the dark. And I am willing to make changes when asked to do so. Refunds are open up until 30 days after I've reached $100 USD in total sales. I will not spend a dime of the money I get till then. If you change your mind at any point during the commission or if the commissions can't be done due to whatever reason that arrives. I will refund you ASAP. Under God's watchful eyes, you have my word.

The Rules are as follows.
Rule# 1. Be respectful, don't be a dick. I'm not perfect, and you shouldn't expect it to be the next big master piece of the art world. I'm not even close to being even a little close to that good yet. I will do my best to make your commission as good as I can get it. But understand that mistakes can and will happen. I'm still a newbie when it comes to art. Insults will get you nowhere with me. You're an adult (I hope), you can ask me to make changes in a civil manner.

Rule# 2. I do not expect Commissions containing Nudity, Sex, Hentai,  Vore, Gore, Loli, Incest, Bestiality, Yiff. Do not ask!

Rule# 3. I refuse to draw anything making fun of the LGBT community and it's interests/goals/work/accomplishments/members. And please no overly sexualized characters. As those tend to be inappropriate and come dangerously close to breaking Rule# 2. Don't even bother asking.

Rule# 4. No, your commissions doesn't have to be furry or furry related. Don't let my examples scare you from asking for what you want... :sigh: and yes I'll accept if it is furry related. So long as it falls under rule# 2... and isn't yiff/ bestiality.

Rule# 5. You are but one of many. So there might be a wait as I jump between commissions and the game project. Right now I can only work on one at a time. So please be patient.

Rule# 6. No lolis. Touhou, Disgaea, and Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha stuff however is a welcomed exception... depending on what it is. If it's vile in every way possible (like oh say fan service) then no I can't and won't do it.

Rule# 7. No Sonic 06 fanart. Because no just, no.  Non of that, shame on you. :mad:

Silver is fine though. he appeared in an ok game (Sonic Rivals 2).


Speaking of, about that game thing you was working on? D-Resonate: Castle of Dreams?

Don't worry about that. It's still safe, for the time being. Concept work will still be made.

Also Commission progress will be a tad bit slow due to develop on the game project. Depending on how many clients I get, I may either start working on them now, or wait till September.
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