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FA vs IB Rant

(Crossposted from FA)

It's important for me to note that I am doing most my updates there.
There's a few different reasons why I've chosen Inkbunny over FurAffinity and i'm going to outline them.

1) It just plain looks better.
2) Its faster, all the time it is truly faster.
3) Freedom to post what I want, when I want.
4) It's administration has been actively nice to me.
5) FA is already inferior technologically in nearly every way to IB.
6) I like Inkbunny's logical layouts of function.
7) FurAffinity has not advanced, added any new functionality, in at least 2 years if not more.
8) In stark contrast, IB has an API that allows you to expand it how you want, let alone what they do on their own.

The only thing FA has going for it is a massive population.  

When I first got on FurAffinity it was in objection to Livejournal going all to hell and monetizing pretty much everything.  This started as a place to just journal, and honestly, past some of my commissions being put up here, its all its ever been.  But damnit, Inkbunny actually makes me more creative.  I've been writing more, and i've been writing with people on IB.

Back in my day there was this computer called the Amiga.  It was multimedia before the term was even coined.  It was technically superior to any other computer around it.  Stuff like 4 channel 14 bit sound, and 4096 colors, before anyone believed such a thing could be possible.  But we are not using Amigas today, we are using Windows.  That's because people primarily used PC compatibles, even though in the days of the Amiga and first Macs, they were primarily character based and had at best 16 color graphics.  People used PCs because everyone else did, not cause it was BETTER.

Since looking over that whole thing in the 80's, it became one of my principles that i'd never stick with a platform just because it had the most users.  I'd use it when needed, but it wouldn't be my primary platform.  I still have that principle to this day.  Accept it folks, if both IB and FA were opening today, with the functionality they have right now, and no more users than the other, NOONE would pick FA to be on.  They'd all be on Inkbunny.

FA is the Windows of furry sites.   And IB is the Amiga.   FA is ugly, clunky, but everyone uses it and you basically have to, sometimes.  But IB is beautiful, its fast, its superior, but its not got a big chunk of users.

So what can one do?   Only hope that people actually start moving over to IB.  FA needs competition to motivate it to become better.   The admins are riding the inertia at this point.  They're big, they're popular, I don't think i'll comment on whether they run the site properly or not.   But they are behind IB in terms of being a BETTER site.  Way behind.
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Added: 7 years, 11 months ago
7 years, 11 months ago
I agree, but please don't compare IB to something that wasn't accepted.  FA has a no cub sex rule, and IB has a no human sex rule... Considering they are both furry sites, it doesn't seem like a big guess which one will win out in the end.
PS- Only Amiga~ Can make it happen~!
7 years, 11 months ago
Actually  Amiga probably lost out to windows because it was ahead of it's time. The Personal Comuter (PC) initially had it's requirements being set by big business who did not necessarily view multimedia as important at the time.

In general though I agree with you. FA hasnt added anything new. However. I dont think if both opened today that FA would be entirely empty. I've noticed a rather large number of cub stuff on here, likely a result of FA's ban on it though and this being the only place they can get an audience.
7 years, 9 months ago
And I wonder if FA will ever even move a single inch in a year or two; as there are basically no developers anymore. The only person that's designated as a developer is Yak, whom supposedly is more occupied with other things. And the pathetic part is that all form of outside help is constantly denied for helping improve FA.

We'll soon supposedly see InkBunny release their source code, which will also help InkBunny even more agilely get ahead. And lastly, there's also Floof which we may soon rise up as well as another competitor (but may interoperate with IB, due to attributes such as OpenID and so on).
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