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Email change, donations disabled for now.

An update is coming in about 45 minutes, maybe less, so I thought I'd take this opportunity to reorganize a few things.

My email addresses for all my furry-ish things are being rolled into one.

This is pretty much due to nothing more than the fact that I've had two email addresses since I was a kid, and one was reserved for chat. So everything, regardless of what it was, was being sent to that email address. It's a mess, and it's just silly for me to have everything unified under one email.

You know when you just get the urge to tidy things in your life up? Whether it's your room, finances or fricken' email addresses?

Sadly, I can neither rename that original account while having a separate, furry-and-other-silliness account, nor can I delete it and just make another one with a better address... Ugh! Such a pain!

Really, I'm just running into the same thing that many people, especially kids coming out of high school are running into.

You never realized how important it was to have a John.Doe@blippitybloop.com email account, so it's all crap like XRAZORKILL2000@gmail.com, and you can't just erase it and switch to a more reasonable account name because half your shit is tied to that account. Okay, I've never had such an awful name for my email accounts, but I still wouldn't like to stick any of my current emails (and I've got a few) on my business cards.

Unlike my friend, who totally put his stupid, puerile email on his serious business cards. Fuck sake...

Anyway. If I were to delete the account, it would wipe out stuff that can't be recovered or transfered to new accounts. I'd even have to re-buy the things I've bought for Android (granted, that's like $10 worth of stuff, but still)! Bah. Maybe, one day, I'll just up and delete it, and leave all the crap behind after I download and save all the email conversations/notifications that matter to me. After using Gmail for, yeesh, many years, that's a lot of stuff.

It's a problem, honestly. If I could get my email addresses sorted out, I could make much better use of various services, especially the ones available from Google. Like I said, I might be able to make do, but if I was to really get what I wanted it, it'd be a question of deleting everything and starting from scratch.

... Something I don't find appealing at this stage. But I'm considering it.

See, I also HATE when people do this and it makes them impossible to find. If I delete this current account, then people who try to find me using documents or accounts created years ago that I've forgotten about now, won't be able to. That's happened to me, and I don't want to be the jerk who does it to others!

In the meantime, all furry stuff has been moved to a dedicated furry email, which you can see down on my profile page: kichigaikitsuneauthor[at] Gmail [dot com]. If anyone sees an account of mine still tied to my old address, let me know so I can change that.
Those of you who are contacting me on a more or less personal level, feel free to continue using my old address if you like, but from now on I'd ask people connected with my furry stuff to use my furry-related email. For the sake of organization if nothing more.

Why did this come about? Well, I was checking my email while logging into all my furry sites to upload something and thought about it. So, yeah, stick around. :P

Oh, PS: Why the "author" at the end? Well, it seems there is a "kichigaikitsune" account - which is weird, because, for all I know it's actually an account I made a few years ago and didn't bother to implement. Which happened, but when I tried to get the password back, I couldn't. So it seems that, in the window between that account being deleted and me trying to recreate it, somebody made one under that exact name.
Bear that in mind! Emails sent to "kichigaikitsune[at]etc..." will not go to me. They're either going to someone else using that name (damn it!) or a dead account I made years ago and can't get the password back (DAMN IT!). So yeah, it's "kichigaikitsuneauthor." Because I'm pretentious, so it's "author", not "writer." >:3
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Added: 5 years, 7 months ago
5 years, 7 months ago
I was utilizing the one that you had on your profile for sending stuff. ;~; Sorry, assumed that that was the one you were using.
5 years, 7 months ago
It is/was! Until, uh, just now. :D
5 years, 7 months ago
Hope you still managed to get the stuff XD.
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