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So... I've been very quiet recently... (STATUS UPDATE!)

Yes, I know I haven't posted a thing in months that's legitimately MY work...  The truth is I have been suffering deep and chronic depression issues mostly because of INTENSE cabin fever and the fact that I can't get a job.  It's killed most of my creativity.  I just haven't felt the urge to write ANYTHING.

THAT said, I HAVE begun to recover a little.  I have begun to draw again, with ample tutoring from friends, and I have improved IMMENSELY in my opinion. I will be posting some of my new artwork in the near future.  

My streams are going great, and I get good feedback from everyone, which makes me happy.  I'm going to be expanding my horizons and reviewing less Sonic comics as time goes on (because I'm running out of stuff I recall clearly to review), and you're going to see more Gold Digger and eventually superhero stuff on my show.  Sonic will still be my main feature, though, so don't worry about that.

In fact... NEXT MONTH, it has been confirmed Princess Sally will return, after close to two years of absence from the comic as the quite annoying Mecha Sally.  As such, since I have not been reading the comic on principle, I will be catching up as soon as the issue is out.

In addition, once I am caught up,
, and good ol' myself will be doing a MEGAREVIEW of all twelve issues of the Sonic/MegaMan Worlds Collide crossover.  It is going to be HUGE.

That said, other than that, the only thing going on is... in two weeks, the ONE convention I get to go to in the year comes to town.  Yes, ladies and gents, there are 15 days left until OTAKON, the Baltimore Anime Convention!!!  It is a place of glory and wonder, a Mecca for geeks and otaku of all kinds.  I will be there, and I will be having a BLAST as I wander the halls, and stand in many, many lines.  Oh, and there may be mass amounts of commissions and merchandise too.  Stuff like that. >;3

Otakon is my ONE big thing a year, the one time I get all to myself to go out and just do what I want for three whole days.  I have been DYING for it.  I've been saving all my money since LAST Otakon, if you want perspective.  

As always, if you live in the Baltimore/DC area or will be at Otakon?  ...Don't look for me!  I am an extremely private person, and as a cute lil' fennec, my goal is to hide when I see masses of fans coming at me.  Not that you'd know WHAT to look for in the first place, but just be guaranteed that I'll be there.... somewhere. >;3

That's about it, folks.  Next Monday, Part 2 of the Legend of Zelda review.  

Rock on, Guys and Gals. ^_^
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5 years, 6 months ago
Thanks for the update.
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