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matt and steven pt.1

hi my name is Matt i am a wolf i have long gray fur abought an inch long i just moved in with my friend from work his name is Steven i had to move in with him because i got evicted from my apartment because i did not make enough to pay for the stupid thing me and Steven came up with the idea to split the bills and i just moved in the day before yesterday and so far we get along every thing is going fine he makes me breakfast in the morning he is a tiger with purple fur well today we are both off of work so we are going to go watch a movie it is kinda weird almost like he is my girlfriend i know it is weird well we went out for drinks after the movie we sat there talking abought starting a business we sat there talking abought it for a hour or two by then i was pretty fucked up he asked me if i was ready to head home i said yes he and i walked out the door i glanced over at the sign on the wall it said all gay bar how how did i not realize the entire time i was in a fag bar i looked at him and said are you a fag he said no but i am gay i said why did you not say any thing before he said because i thought you where to i said hell no that is fucked up you can be gay if you want but hell no i like pussy the rest of the time walking home we where silent we got to the house unlocked the door and went inside we sat down on the love seat that is the only piece of furniture in the living room other than a TV stand and a TV we sat there i said are we going to watch any thing he timidly said o..k  turned it on and we started watching a cop show we just sat there i don't know how it started but the next thing i knew i moved my hand over and put it down his pants he looked at me with a look of confusion i said we could get to know each other better he said i thought you said it was nasty i said i do but i have never tried it so um i...want to he said ok he scooted closer to me and put his hands on my crotch and started to rub gently i started to unzip his pants and pull down his boxers and out came this 9 inch dick it was wonderful i mean it was i don't know i have never thought of another guy like that but i was at that moment and it felt right i slowly lowered my head down near his dick the smell of his musk sent me into a state of excitement and i felt my dick getting harder and harder i snapped back to reality and started to lick the head of his huge dick he moaned i kept licking i felt him start to unzip my pants my dick was not as long as his but it was thicker it was abought 6-7 inches long. he garbed the shaft of my dick and started to stroke me. my moan at that moment was more feminine than his was. he giggled at me i started sucking his dick and he kept stroking me i rely could not explain the thoughts going through my mind am i gay do i like this no this is nasty no i love it but it was all confusing i ignored my thoughts and kept sucking his dick he told me to stop then told me to sit up i did what he asked me to i sat up and as i did so i saw him putting a condom an his dick i said what are you doing he said you will like it and he was right he bent me over the arm of the loveseat and started rubbing the tip of his dick on my ass hole it felt great then he slowly started to push the head of his dick into my tight ass he giggled and said wow you are tight just relax i did relax and as soon as i did a quarter of his dick slid right into my ass i moaned loud enough i know the people next door had to have heard me he garbed my dick and stroked as he fucked me from behind he put his mouth next to my ear and whispered shh i moaned again and he put his hand over my mouth he kept fucking and stroking me his dick felt great in my ass i felt my climax approaching and i felt his hard dick throbbing in my ass at that moment i felt a latex bubble of warmth swell in my ass and i shot my load all over the loveseat he pulled out and the condom fell off onto the loveseat he turned me around and sat me on the arm of the loveseat and licked the cum off of my thighs we went in to his room and cuddled each other till we passed out. ......THE END    
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Added: 5 years, 9 months ago
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