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Crazy Mares Plz read

I just wanna know...

so far...a few people are stepping forward to pay for the next pages of Crazy Mares, my MLP comic.

I have great plans for this.  Not just as a sex comic. (and oh yes there will be secks)

but to actually tell a story too...not oh bla were drawn along from one scene to another to get more sex pics....


I'll be posting the next page tomorrow that to the 2 generous ppl who donated the $30 to make it, they can list their names, gratefully if they wanna come forward.  again if you donate and want credit, ill be sure to give up, but have to note me your names and emails XD

so yeah...in this comic, EVERYPONY is planned to be in it, EVERYPONY
Discord, Dr whooves, Celestia, Luna, Celestia, well maybe not that artic king whose always in dark clouds and infects your horns with some hornical warty virus after he fucks you (we're looking at you shining armor)  oh eh every pony...  bam..trixie, bam, zecora...maybe shubmiggurath who knows

so yeah, ive encouraged people to donate to more than one page at a time, so i can do a couple pages at same time and get them out faster

so far, no dice.  

but i want a really cool story to tell, somthing epic...i want u to read this and not just go fap fap fap...and oh yesh, there will be fapping, but go OMG....that is so cool, fap fap fap

so just spouting my ambitions for this comici hope in the weeks to come even if dont donate a dolla, (u cheesy butthole diamond dogs u) that you enjoy what I am going to do, and hopefully ppl will continue to donate and donate to more than one page so I can rush these out

thanks for reading and hope ya likes my artwork
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Added: 5 years, 9 months ago
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