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Agenda 2013 - July to September

Previously on 'Agenda'
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April to June:
- Plan out a new "HoA Presents!" book.
Not surprisingly, I didn't get around to it.
- Keep sketching.
I Did get around to this.
- Bring more sketches to completion.
Didn't get around to this as much as I'd like.
- See what stories I have that I can spin into some short full-page comics.

Second quarter didn't go as great as the first. I didn't get around to planning out another book. It's still on the list but I'm having trouble picking a theme that isn't simply "I give you ART!". Not that I'm not due for a new all purpose sketchbook, mind you. I just want to hold off on that 'till next year. I also didn't find any old story ideas that really grabbed me past trying to resurrect 'Project: Alice'. That idea kinda' fell flat after the "fantastical" plot of a person using the 'Net and their massive amount of resources to obtain stupidly large amounts of data on public/private citizens through less-than-awesome means to use against them... turned out to be a little too close to the NSA's gameplan. I'd go into That Nugget of Joy but it's a rant for a different day.

I am happy to say that I got more sketching and finished pieces done. A nice change from having most of these places I'm at remain dark while I spend the bulk of my art energy on Biff stuff. That said, I kinda' hoped I'd get completely back into the swing of things. I miss posting slightly random or simply non-project specific stuff up. Now for the next quarter...

Basic vault rules apply:
Keep Moving Forward and Make a Profit

July to September:
- Plan out a new "HoA Presents!" book or just default to "Monster Girls" with a catchier title.
- Keep sketching.
- Bring more sketches to completion.
- Clear old business items (aka - Send off BtV Vol1 to Comixology SUBMIT, Get state tax ID, etc)

Here's to seeing if I can get this train back on track.
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