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Why a Rabbit?

In one of my recent TMI Tuesday sessions, someone asked me why I'd picked a rabbit for my avatar's species. I don't remember exactly what I told them, but it basically boiled down to "because rabbits are spiffy". And that's pretty much it. Megan is a rabbit because I like rabbits, and because, after four years, it's just what I'm comfortable with.

Every once in a while, though, I'll read someone's explanation as to why they picked the species they did for their avatar, and the intricate details of what every marking and feature of their avatar represents. And I'll think, "hey, neat, why couldn't I put that much thought into my own character?" Instead, most of Megan's features and accessories just sort of happened. Why does she have spots? Because they're neat. Even if they didn't end up looking how I meant them to. Why does she wear a collar? Because it's pretty. All in all, Megan is just one big, happy accident. That really goes for her species, too. Had I been in a slightly different mood the day I decided to adopt a proper avatar character, she'd likely have ended up a fox instead.

This is because Megan's species isn't the thing that makes her special to me, as much as I enjoy pretending to be a cute little rabbit. What really matters is her attitude, and that she gives me some small place in the world to be accepted as myself. It's kind of nice to have a place where I can express my femininity without being judged for it, and a cartoon self who looks pretty damned good in a pair of legwarmers.

Mind you, I do have a definite fondness for big ears. More room for earrings!
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Added: 5 years, 6 months ago
5 years, 6 months ago
*nods, understanding some of what you say, then to be nice, offers some roses*
5 years, 6 months ago
This sounds a lot like my own, ha ha. There are a couple minor details I picked for specific reasons on Spix (wrist and ankle markings), but the rest is all up in the air depending on which Spix I'm drawing! Hair, number of tail rings, body shape, everything can change in an instant if it suits the mood.
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