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Good Idea

I am tired of people complaining that there is not enough X or X does not exist and should be created.  

That is a wonderful idea, really, I agree with you... Now go make it.  

This is the problem plain and simple – people want X, but they are not willing to make it themselves and instead choose to yell at the poor souls who happen to read their journals thus making everyone reading the journal feel guilty or put-upon for not making X.  

When I first read a similar journal from a brony site, I giggled a little thinking “oh these silly children”, but when I read this here on IB, I felt a great deal of rage.

Back in the days of great wealth, if we could not do something ourselves we paid others to do it, but now Everyone is broke.  It's understandable, and I am not blaming anyone for this, but begging and blaming doesn't work.  

There is something I ask of everyone who wants X made: Ask yourself which is easier – Commissioning X from a capable person, Learning how to create X by yourself, or Learning to accept the lack of X?

Chances are one of my readers is tempted to argue why they should have X and how they are too good/bad for the other two options.  To this person, I say: it doesn't matter if you waste your energy telling me why you should have X, I cannot provide it for you anyway, however, if you took that energy and put it toward learning how to make X or fueling your means to commission X, then you would be getting somewhere.
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Added: 5 years, 12 months ago
5 years, 12 months ago
agreed, very agreed X3  i mean asking and understanding is cool, but thinking your owed art because, well, you think you may be owed art is kinda mean, and yelling is no way to go about even trying to ask for x to be made and stuff

true on other parts too, if they learn and practice, even if it kinda dosent look good at first, practice makes perfect and then they can make all the x they want

Third is true too, Accepting the lack of x works too, it may not be instantly, but someone somewhere will like this x the guys thinking of and stuff and draw it, and for that day theyll be happy and probably add it to thier collection xD or somethin

There are request streams too, alot on IB, if they want it so bad, they should come by the said streams, and try to get a draw, if artist x dosent draw it, they should move on and try again, civily, theres a whole mess of ways to go about it the right way without yelling at people i think X;3
5 years, 12 months ago
When I say accepting the lack of X, I do not mean being a greedy brat and waiting for someone else to do it for you, I mean honestly and completely accepting that X WILL NOT happen because you have chosen not to do anything about it.

This I have described is: real responsibility.  Thinking that someone else will eventually make X is what causes the commissioner to stop saving their money to spend on pleasures or the artist to stop spending time practicing to spend more time gaming or the programmer to stop experimenting to spend more time zoned out...

Many people see such choices as building a house; they believe if they stop their efforts the house will still be in whatever state of construction it was.  However, all projects are like a garden: if you water and weed your garden it grows properly, if you ignore it, it withers and weeds over taking even more time and effort to get it back to where it was before it can further grow.
5 years, 12 months ago
5 years, 12 months ago
nail on the head, m'friend. :)
5 years, 12 months ago
Unfortunately, in our age of the internet - EVERYONE is used to having whatever they could imagine already done for them. Images that take people hours to make are posted freely for anyone to enjoy.

So we're almost raised to assume that there's plenty of art there, it's a given, it's easy to do, and it's there for us (the viewers).

But yep. That's not the case, and it's a trade like anything else. If tihe internet never existed, artists would still be commissioned like back-in-da-day. Art would be valued more so than now. BUT! The internet is the best, so though it devalues art (because it's everywhere, and people just learn to assume it's kinda worthless) I think it's worth it xD. We just need to inform people like you're doing now ^-^
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