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Future Commission Rules

Hello again, everyone. It's time for a little update in regards to the commissions I've been doing.

I mentioned on Furaffinity a little while back that I would be changing the rules a little bit for commissions when I open for them again. This is due to several factors, and you can find them, and the changes, explained below in a neat little list. Please note that the reasons are not going to be elaborated on further, and that the terms laid down are not monetarily negotiable.

1. Due to several misunderstandings about what I will and will not write, I have made up an F-list to represent the kinks that I enjoy writing, those I tolerate, and those I need extra incentive to write. Those that have commissions that might conflict with those kinks shown on the list, don't worry, this does not come into play until the next opening of commissions.

2. The kinks in the Favorites and Yes list are the kinks that I am willing to write for normal prices, though in regards to the favorite list, there are chances of discounts, depending on just how good your idea is and how many of the kinks match up to what I like. The kinks in Yes will be written at the flat rate mentioned in the commission price list.

3. The kinks in the Maybes are ones that I am willing to write, but require a little extra in the way of compensation to do it. The only real exception there is in the pokemon category; if it is in the first 150, as in the first games, it is in the yes column. Otherwise, there is a price penalty in the cost. Stories involving Maybe kinks will be $10 to $15 more, in order to cover this.

4. The kinks in the No category are just that. No. Nada. Nil. There will be no writing of these, no matter the money that is offered. The kinks listed here are listed for a reason; they do not appeal, are difficult for me to write, or just plain bother me too much to write.

5. This has been done due to the way things have gone with commissions over the years. I am cutting out the kinks I am because they make it more difficult for me to stay productive, which in turn increases the turnaround time for the stories that I do like, which makes it so that fewer get done and posted in the same amount of time than when I get stories that I like. This is done to improve the commissions that I do for you guys, and to help me be able to keep doing this for a while. Please respect that.

You can find the f-list in question here: https://www.f-list.net/c/scribe

That's it; if you have further questions, note me or list them in the comments below.
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Added: 5 years, 12 months ago
5 years, 12 months ago
Might want to put pricing on the F-list too?
Having all the info in one place good.
5 years, 12 months ago
Hmmmm, you have a point.
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