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My Opinion....

I am going to say this, everything I say here is an opinion. My opinions.

My opinion on gun control laws let it a pistol to a assault rifle, shouldn't be control. The Second Amendment is more than just a right.

The reason why America has guns is not for the British or the fear about another outside influence coming to hurt us no... its more inside. It's like a insurance policy for the people of the United States. GIVING power to the people that if the Government is to fuck up we can overthrow the goverment and reset things to the way they were. Flash clean the Hard drive and reinstall. This was a safe measure to ensure the people have power and to prove that the American people do not need a government to function fully, protecting and putting the Amendments and Bill Of Rights to full function, as well as another fellow American.

So giving up the gun rights is giving up the fundamentals to, Freedom of Speech, Religion and many freedoms we have. Allowing the Government to control is going to destroy many American values.

If you are going to protect yourself you need to have equal or greater fire power... Police won't show up on time... especially in Detroit Michigan were the police won't show up for 24 hours to 2 days.


Obamacare (H.R. 3962, as amended) contained jail penalty provisions (up to five years in prison) for those failing to purchase health insurance.

I do not approve....

Ms. Janet, divorced, has two hard jobs and two kids barely having time for them alone and can barely keep up with the bills on time... does she deserve to pay a fine or go to jail for not being able to afford health insurance? No one who is struggling to support a family or themselves should suffer like this.

I can keep going on but I just had a really shitty day
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5 years, 9 months ago
I totally agree.
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