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The cries of the tortured rang true 1

  The boy screamed in agony as “he” tore into him.  He kept on tairing, slashing the flesh, enjoying the boy’s cries, pleas and whimpers.  He savored all the cries, pleas and whimpers from the boy.
  Those dull green eyes, his slender frame, his blue fur and speed, “I took it all.”  Those once bright emerald green eyes has gone dull, his cobalt fur a mass of fresh and dried blood, his once radiant and bright personality has flickered and died out like a candle flame.
  “Oh, but of course I won’t let him die….. as of yet…. Because he’s special.  He’s is the very embodiment of freedom, the so-called “Blue blur,” filled with determination, leadership, and a cocky personality.  But now all that’s gone, I destroyed it all, I broke him down little by little, until his very will wavered, his will to fight dwindled as hours became days, days to months and months to years.
    The boy cowers in fear, he whimpers by the mere sight of me.  He’s lucky I even feed him, but of course I starve him, I should start feeding him more because I need him healthy if I want him to survive his first trails.  Ok! It looks like your “friends” are searching for the chaos emeralds and they have given up any hope for finding you at all hedgehog.
                                             ……..Days late………
  Cries of pain could be heard through- out the dungeon, the cries of the tortured.
  “M-make i…it s-st-stop!  P-please s-stop it h-hurts!  S-stop p-p-please  s-stop it… it h-hurts, e…end i…it please…j-just s-stop p-pleaaaaAAAAHHH!  P-PLEASE  S-STOP  I…IT  HURTS… I…IT HURTS SO M-MUCH… PLEASE  E…END IT… IT  H-HURTS  SO M…MUCH…”  The poor boy begged and plead futilely.  The boy begged and cried his heart out as he was beaten, then “he” left the boy behind in agony when “he” left.  
  As the boy relived the memories as to how this all happened, he screamed for them to stop, he cried and cried, but to no avail they still came…..
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Added: 5 years, 8 months ago
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