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My Hotel Room Rules

Since I been having probs lately with this I'll make a journal about my hotel room rules when the room is under MY name.

-Please no inviting people in and telling them they can stay without my knowledge. I do NOT like to room with more than 5 of us all together in a room!

I have had about 3 notes now of people saying "thanks for letting me room with you guys" For one thing, I don't even know who these people are! If you want your friend to room with us, ASK ME FIRST! The room is under MY name and MY credit card! NOT yours.

-When my room is full, its FULL!

Do NOT go and tell your buddies they can stay and sleep on the floor or stay for free! I invite people in who I know personally and know well. Once I have my spots filled, there is no more room.

-When paying me for your half of the room

Please send it as MONEY OWED. Sending it as goods/services is not a good idea! Not only does it take a fee out so I get less than what I asked for your room half, but Paypal expects me to put a tracking number and ship something or provide something.I have had someone send me their room half as goods/services and Paypal locked my account because I didn't ship anything or give them info even tho it was a room share not a product.

When you send me payment, I ask for it a month before the con. I pay for the room early so everything is out of the way. Once the room is paid for, you can NOT get a refund! Be sure to know you are for sure going! If you decide not to go, I'm sorry the room has been paid for in full in advance and it would not be fair to charge the others more now to refund you cause you can't decide.

-No touching other roommates' stuff!

Unless you ask first! There is NO reason you need to grab their stuff and do whatever with it. Last roomie I had broke two fursuit makers stuff and threw them around. You will be held responsible and may have to pay for damaged suits or items depending on the person.

-No bitching or being all depressed (Downer)

I will not put up with another roommate again who complains ALL con! If you are being all emo and sad you need to leave! I have had someone all con complain how sad and lonely they are and tried to make everyone else feel bad in the room. Please if you wanna bitch and act like a cry baby go somewhere else and don't room with us!

-When I book a room

I am picky who I add in. I'm tired of random people ruining a con for me and everyone else in the room. I have 4 people I always give first dibs on my rooms I book and I will ALWAYS pick them over a random person or anyone else. If none of them decide to stay with me I will make a journal looking for roomies but I will be picky who I choose. Most likely I'd pick someone who I talk to alot and know at least a bit about.

-No parties

I love room parties but not in my room. I have had someone do that in my room before and my birthday gift got stolen that my friend got me.

Anyother questions just ask.
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Added: 5 years, 7 months ago
5 years, 7 months ago
Frankly these are good rules hun.  I do about the same but I make sure the ones in my room are very trustworthy.  Last person who I had in my room locked me out just so they could have some fun.  Was locked out for an hour.  Told them to pack up and find somewhere new.
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