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Remember my last talk about justice?

Yeah, it just got more messed up. In case you missed it, the Zimmerman trial...well. Zimmerman walks off scott-free. Honestly, I don't get how our system works when the evidence was so obcious, and so were his actions. The prosecution did a bad job apparently, but in all honesty, the results are as clear as day.

George Zimmerman stalked a kid.
The kid was alone, at night, being stalked.
Zimmerman calls police.
Police say to not pursue, and leave him be.
Zimmerman disobeys police.
Martin was shot and killed in the ensuing scuffle.

I don't get it. How...how does this work? How did he win? Why was Treyvon being put on trial? Why was he treated like the bad guy here? And how the hell does 'stand your ground' work?

That last one is especially powerful...in light of this.


Woman with an 11 year old daughter fires a warning shot at her abusive ex...while he's assaulting her. And now she's facing 20 years for attempted murder? This is also in Florida. But Stand Your Ground isn't applying to her? How, when sh'es being assaulted? She didn't kill him. Didn't hurt him. Didn't hurt anybody, really. So why, and how is it that SHE is convicted of attempted murder when nobody died from her actions. Hell, convicted murderers sometimes don't even see those numbers.

In fact, a murderer today didn't see a single number.

Ladies and gentlemen, Florida.

And I'll be honest with my opinion, feel free to disagree.

That's just as racist as can be. Why "Stand your Ground" doesn't apply to a black woman...but it totally works for, it seems like anyone else. I don't get our laws. I don't get this country. All I know, what I've been saying for the last...maybe 2 years. Our entire Justice system needs a complete overhaul. From the Supreme Court all the way down to the Police Departments all across our country. Something needs to be done because...I'm probably gettin' out of here and going to Canada at some point. Probably safer for a black dude to stay. o3o

And as for Stand your Ground: Apparently it only works if the person your standing agianst dies. If they don't, you're a bad guy.

When ya say it out loud, you realize just how freakin' backwards our country is.


This lil' story right here. Story of my life. This exact circumstance may not have happened to me...but I know the feel regardless, all too well...
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Added: 5 years, 6 months ago
5 years, 6 months ago
ya the stand your ground kinda sucks you actualy have to kill him or its atempted murder and here stand your ground only applies to inside your home last time i checked (a couple years ago) and i was talking to a cop buddy and said ya you shoot a guy he crawls out of your house and dies yoru a murderer so make sure to drag his ass back inside and wipe down the blood outside the door
5 years, 6 months ago
My bad. I fixed the link to the article I posted. And yeah, she was inside her home when she shot at him.
5 years, 6 months ago
Still they'd class it at attempted murder. As long as the person is facing you in your home with a deadly weapon and poses a significant threat you are allowed to defend yourself, but you are in no way supposed to stop them if its a robbery or attempted rape as long as the person doesn't show to be carrying a lethal weapon as per CT state law.
Personally as soon as they try to get in my door they better get out because I have a tool for every situation of home invasion and some of them ain't so pretty.
5 years, 6 months ago
I'm not surprised, not one bit...
5 years, 6 months ago
And to me...that's the worst part of all. Is how unsurprised, jaded, and almost even expecting of this kinda crap. Land of the free, Home of the brave? Keh...not when us black folks have to walk every day and take note at how many white people showed how scared of us they are. That most of our actions are instead of just trying to live, are based on trying not to get caught, trying not to get in trouble, and trying not to make ourselves look guilty of anything.

But that's the country we live in.
5 years, 6 months ago
They really let that asshole walk? I guess I'm not surprised. Pissed, but not surprised.
5 years, 6 months ago
I agree. And as I noted above. The lack of surprise is the worst part. This was both painful and depressing. Not as a black man, but as a sensible, reasonable human being.
5 years, 6 months ago
That the way our world works, we think your in the wrong your guilty
5 years, 6 months ago
1) George Zimmerman stalked a kid.

No, he's watching the neighborhood. Because there were weekly break ins and car thefts: The crime was so prevalent that in some cases police didn't respond. He is an over-zealous wannabe cop, but that's not illegal. And stop pretending Trayvon is just a kid: He was almost a foot taller than Zimmerman, and Zimmerman was a fatass.

2) The kid was alone, at night, being stalked.

You already said that. He was standing out in front of his home most of the time.

3) Zimmerman calls police.

Wrong again: It was not the police. The operator didn't have the authority to tell him what to do in a legal sense, even though Zimmerman was a dumbass not listening! But the operator was on a community number.

4) Police say not to pursue, say to leave him be.

See 3.

5) Zimmerman disobeys police.

Again, Zimmerman is a fatass. He waddles for Trayvon for ten seconds. Seriously, listen to an unedited phone call. He waddles for like seven seconds while talking to the "911" operator, and three more after she suggests he stop.

6) Martin was shot and killed in the following scuffle.

Yes, and I mourne his loss. I feel sorry for the family. But the whole trial has been blown out of proportion. But when people say, "Trayvon died and Zimmerman didnt," I can't understand what you would rather have happened: Would you rather have had Zimmerman die? That defeats the point.

And I have seen the story about the woman firing warning shots. She should be out of jail. That has nothing to do with Zimmerman. How would you like it if you were being sued and the State's lawyers said, "Well three years ago this lady got away with it!" Would you expect that to have any impact on the trial?

Zimmerman reached for his phone to call the community non-emergency number.
Trayvon runs away. Four minutes later he runs back, confronts Zimmerman.
"What are you doing?" Zimmerman reaches in his pocket to call the community line back, say it isn't an emergency.
Reaches in the wrong pocket (he put it in his coat) and Trayvon reacts by fighting Zimmerman. I can see why.
But Trayvon was going to kill Zimmerman. George had lacerations on the back of his head, and a disfigured nose. Plus Zimmerman is a wimp. There's nothing illegal about that.
He feels like he's going to die. Trayvon sees the gun, freaks out. Zimmerman wasn't going to shoot Trayvon if he wasn't pinned on the ground.

There are no good guys in this case. Stand Your Ground needs to be changed.
5 years, 6 months ago
I agree.
5 years, 6 months ago
They couldnt prove beyond a reasonable doubt he had malicious intent. I think the justice system did work how it was supposed to. I do believe he was wrong in pursuing martian but i dont believe he was guilty of murder because that would imply you killed someone either having it planned out or with no chance of it being a self defense situation. There were no eye witnesses, the voice analyzes specialist couldnt identify who it was, and " fucking punks" is not racist last time i checked
5 years, 6 months ago
Just gonna drop this here:

Florida Stand Your Ground Statutes
5 years, 6 months ago
....... I am so disgusted, I can't even find the words to describe it.
5 years, 6 months ago
*twitch twitch.  twitch twitch*

Shit's fucked up.  From watching the trial, I thought the prosecution had a rock solid case for manslaughter, at the very least.  But, nooooo.  Florida, why you so retarded?
5 years, 6 months ago
I'm having a few convos on this and plan on posting about it later.
5 years, 6 months ago
It may not be popular, but: https://inkbunny.net/journalview.php?id=92615
5 years, 6 months ago
... Fucking ugh.
I've had enough real life rants about this that I can't think straight about it anymore.

In these cases, things are almost always less clear-cut than many people suspect. There's always something to muddy things up. But at the end of the day, this simply shouldn't haven't happened. I don't even feel angry anymore, just sad.

As for the other case, I haven't looked into it, but that's absolutely absurd. The prosecutors should be fucked and burned.
5 years, 6 months ago
The man was mounted and being beaten by a younger stronger man. He was pleading for him to stop but he wasn't stopping.

In that situation if I had a gun I'd have shot him too. Any sane person would. You don't know when a person who is beating you will stop. They might not. It's a lot easier to beat someone to death than you think. People can die from one well placed punch. Multiple punches, with the added effect of your head bouncing off the sidewalk is life threateningly dangerous. These are uncontroversial facts based on the evidence of Zimmerman's multiple head wounds.

I don't understand how ANYONE who knows the facts of the case could honestly blame him for shooting unless they believe it makes more sense to die yourself than to kill your attacker in self defense.

You could say the situation was avoidable if he didn't follow him, but he was a neighborhood watch member and he thought the kid was suspicious. There had been a spree of break ins recently and he wanted to make sure that wasn't going to happen. Trayvon was the one who attacked Zimmerman, NOT the other way around. Zimmerman just finished it. If one is going to blame someone who did nothing but follow a suspicious person and then defend themselves instead of blaming the person who attacked another person, I question their ability to make sound judgments.

Here is my "stay safe" do's and don'ts for black youths who after the Zimmerman case feel unsafe in America.

1.Don't attack people for no reason without knowing if they or someone nearby has a gun.
or better yet
1(edit). Don't attack people for no reason.

That's it. Doesn't matter if you think a "creepy white cracka" is following you, just don't attack that person for no reason. That way someone won't shoot you in self defense and get off because he was defending himself.
5 years, 6 months ago
Yet you aren't looking at it from his point of view. Imagine being 17 years old, by yourself, minding your own business just bringing some stuff home, at night time, when you're being chased down by some stranger. When you're being confronted when you know you're doing nothing wrong and being innocent. He wasn't being suspicious, he was being profiled. His only crime was wearing a hoodie. If being black while wearing a hoodie is suspicious, there's something seriously wrong with that train of logic.

He had GOOD reason to attack. It's called feeling threatened when somebody clearly bigger is chasing after you without at all stating a motive. Treyvon was scared, and I would be too if anybody was chasing after me at the dead of night. That's a human instinct that kicks in. Fight or flight. Not everybody has flight, and in fact, when you feel that you're being threatened, in Florida, you don't even have to HAVE flight. Since he felt he was threatened, I'm sure he felt within his right, and according to the LAW, was within his right to do so. "Creepy white cracka" has nothing to do with it. That's any human's reaction to being chased unlawfully. Fight them and get them away, or run away.

There was a 'no reason' at all here. There was plenty of reason. Fear and adrenaline can do a hell of a lot to your reactionary senses. When Zimmerman was told to stay his ass still, as neighborhood watch, THAT is the duty. It isn't to confront, it isn't to attack. It's to report. Because last I checked, vigilante justice is still against the law. Had Zimmerman followed proper procedure...a 17 year old male would not have been shot and killed. He started the chain of events, he caused the incident, and he gets to walk away from the incident scott free despite being the match that started the fire. How's that fair?
5 years, 6 months ago
His only crime was attacking a person for saying "hey, what are you doing here?" But no, walking around in a hoodie ISN'T a crime. Neither is profiling someone and then calling the cops because you think they are suspicious and making sure you know where they are when the cops show up. He wasn't a cop, he was neighborhood watch. He doesn't have an obligation to not profile someone during his day to day life. It's not a moral thing to do, but it was his prerogative. If Trayvon didn't act like a thug and attack him (The first crime being committed in this series of events, and as the court case has shown, the only one) there wouldn't have been a problem. At best Trayvon would have answered Zimmerman's question and then left, at worst Zimmerman would have put him under "citizen's arrest" until the cops showed up, and either Trayvon would be arrested for having marijuana in his system, because he did that night, or he would have went on his way and Zimmerman would have been embarrassed for wasting the cops time.

Also I don't think Zimmerman was that much bigger than him if at all. Trayvon wasn't 12 he was 17. The only "big" Zimmerman had on him was out of shape compared to Trayvon who from pictures looked in shape.

So here's a question, what is more threatening? A man following you and then asking what you're doing in an accusing manner...

Or attacking someone who has just asked you a question, overpowering them, getting them on the ground and then beating and slamming their head against the ground?

"He asked me a question in an accusational manner" isn't going to fly if you're in court for assault and that's your defense. You know, the opposite of "he was on top of me pounding my face in" IS a valid reason for using self defense as your defense. Zimmerman never ATTACKED anyone. He confronted. A HELL of a lot less threatening or aggressive than ACTUALLY beating someone and refusing to stop when asked multiple times.

Following someone and asking what they're up to isn't "vigilante justice." He even called the cops intending for them to take care of the matter. He just wanted to make sure this individual he thought was suspicious wouldn't get away, because he thought he was behind the spree of break ins. Shooting someone who has overpowered and is beating with no signs of stopping also isn't vigilante justice. It's self defense.

If you're so quick to say asking someone what they are doing in a place is a "GOOD" reason to rush someone and pound their face into the sidewalk I have NO idea how you can think someone overpowering you and pounding your face into the sidewalk ISN'T a good reason to shoot someone in self defense. Real life isn't pro wrestling where you can take a beating and be overpowered then come back in the end and win. If Zimmerman didn't act in self defense HE may be the dead one, and HIS only crime would have been trying to keep his neighborhood safe by following someone he thought was suspicious and asking him about his intentions.

If some creep was following me, and asked me a question I wouldn't take that as a reason to rush the person and ground and pound them. And anyone who thinks that's a valid response to a question probably needs anger counseling before they get themselves shot by someone defending themselves.

Yeah, it sucks the kid died. But he wasn't in the right because he died. that's not how it works. He's in the wrong because he initiated the fight, the aggression. It seems like Zimmerman's profiling was right on the money if he was that quick to resort to brutally beating someone. If not his own life his action might have saved the life of the next person who looked at Trayvon funny.
5 years, 6 months ago
By the way, that link under your amendment really needs to be thought about long and hard considering there's a link on their page titled:

"Will George Zimmerman Get Away With Murder?"

Isn't that a tiiiiiiiiiiny bit 'loaded'?

I really hope you watch that video on the journal I linked to. Please watch it. Please! >_<;
5 years, 5 months ago
Did you watch it yet?
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