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Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn Beta

I know i dont have many watchers yet but for the ones watching me here goes:
A few weeks ago i registered for the beta testing of the game and yesterday i final got my download and registration code.I proceeded to install it on my ps3 and update the game cliente(Took me about na hour and a half),created my character and started playing.My first reaction was "Wow this place is pretty" and it is graphicaly the game is damn awsome.In terms of gameplay its your standard MMO,you go arround town fetching quests and stuff.Battle system is also pretty standard nothing new there.What realy atracted me to this game was the Magitek Armour Mount wich i hope i can get on the beta.Storywise...Well i´l give you the abridged version:In the world of Hydelin,in the continente of Eorzea there was war between the Empire Of Garlemald and the Eorzean Aliance.The Empire brought down the moon and released Bahamut,wich devastated Eorzea.Eventualy Bahamut was re sealed and Eorzea slowly recovered.Now adventureres from all over the world come to Eorzea seeking fame,fortune,adventure and wealth.And thats how the game starts.You are then prompted to create your character.You can select between Hyur(Basicaly humans),Elezen(Kinda look like elvs),Lalafell(These tiny creatures,kinda look like children but arent),Miqo´te(Cat people) and Roegadyn(Giants)Each race has two diferente clans wich afect their starting stats.You can then costumize your looks and there are alot of options here,its a pretty deep costumizer.You can even costumize your character´s birth date though i´m not sure what this affects.You then select your patron deity wich affects your elemental resistence.Then comes class selection.You have Gladiator,Pugilist,Marauder,Lancer,Archer,Conjurer(White mage/summoner) and Thaumaturge(Black mage)Right now i have 2 characters: one male Lalafell Thaumaturge named Assana Deon and one female Miqo´te Pugilist named Helga Midrashin(This one is a test chacatre to test all the avaliable classes)
So if you guys out there want to play with me or just try the game for yourselvs first you have to go here https://secure.square-enix.com/enqt/s/run?sq=c5c72aaf06...  if your american or here https://secure.square-enix.com/enqt/s/run?sq=c4c79d4106...  if your european and register then wait for the confirmation email.I dont know if the PC servers and PS3 servers are cross playable or not but again i am on the PS3 version.Both my characters are on the Behemot server so if you want to play with me let me know either here or by sending me a message on my ps3 account(Weissthehedgehog) and we can set something up.
And thats about it for this jornal,looking forward to hearing from yall.Weiss signing out
EDIT:I seem to have gotten na extra download and registration code so if any european users want it let me know
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Added: 5 years, 10 months ago
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