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Anatomy Study Streams

I’m going to be doing anatomy study streams in order to improve as an artist myself while encouraging others to improve. Please read below for info.

Also like to say my awesome friend Turisas https://turisas.deviantart.com/ said he’d try to come and help as well

Alright guys I decided that I’ll let you guys know how this anatomy study stream will work.

   -it will be done via livestream and I will be using a mic to speak. I will not be playing music so you can guys can choose your own music to listen to.

    -The first stream we will be going over proportions. from then on we will be taking it one body section study per week.

    -It will last likely 1 to 2 hours, while there will be short lectures explaining what we are doing it will mostly be drawing orientated.

    -I will be assigning a homework task after every stream. It will be simple and easy you will need to take what you learned that week and apply it to at least 1 picture you draw that week. It doesn’t have to be full colored it can be just a sketch. What I honestly suggest is trying to apply to every drawing you do from that day on, because that is how you’ll truly learn but that is up to you.

    -I will be opening up submissions for my Gokai Improvement art blog so you can post your homework and studies for all to see. gokai-improvement.tumblr.com/

One thing I need you to do:
Pick out 1 drawing you have made recently, preferably a fullbody, and post it as a submission to my improvement blog gokai-improvement.tumblr.com/ so I can keep it on record. At the end of our studies we are going to redraw that one picture to see how much you’ve grown as an artist through these studies.

Make sure you have:
a sketch book and pencils or if you have two monitors you can always have your preferred drawing program to use.

Want to help out? Do you feel confident leading one of the lessons? Then shoot me a note. I will not be the only one doing lessons I will also have Mord https://mordacioussage.deviantart.com/ helping. Once again though this isn’t about your skill level this about learning while helping others learn as well. If you choose to do a lesson, you will have to study up and prepare a lesson plan, which I will review before the stream.

Lessons we will go over:

    Legs and feet
    Arms and Hands
    Genitals (that’s right, I’m going there, if your not interested in drawing porn you can skip this one)
    Gestures and figure drawing
    Female body shapes
    Male body shapes

Possibly Lessons to go over once the above is finished:

    Various animal anatomy (focus would be canine, feline, and equine)
    Realism practices
    Coloring (would likely be split into cel shade, soft shade, and painted)

Have any ideas to make this more fun and less ‘boring’ shoot me a note. I’d like us to have fun while learning.

Also if this goes over well, I might do something big with it… but that has yet to be decided.
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Added: 5 years, 7 months ago
5 years, 7 months ago
wow, that sounds like a really cool idea. When would these streams be taking place?
5 years, 7 months ago
likely on a Friday or Saturday I plan start it in 2 weeks I have some preparing to do before then
5 years, 7 months ago
okay, I already followed your blog and I look forward to the lessons ^^
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