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Aqui Estoy Yo!!! En Puerto Rico!!!

Let me just say, it feels SOOOOOO good to be back on the island after so long. The musical chirping of the Coquí delighting the tropical, island scented air as I relax myself in my mother's childhood bedroom typing this journal to let you know I have finally gone to where my fantasies were born and I was last innocent and worry free... And it has been raining on and off since I got here XD So, a few quick things while I am online...

First off, my grandparents' house DOES have a scanner, but currently it is not functioning. However, I do have my iPod, with which I will post pictures as I see fit, including one in a few minutes. So, don't expect much art from me, but do expect random photos ^^

Secondly, remember how I said I would be making a vote for two streams I'll do later this week? Well, those are still happening. I will be setting up something so that peoples can vote on the pictures they want to see. (Side note: IB will have a special third one, if you know what I mean ^^;)

Thirdly, as I said, don't expect me on much but once in a while in the day and at night for a little bit. This is my vacation, my first time back to the island in MANY years, and I intend to enjoy as much of it as possible.

Fourthly... I look up above the desk my laptop is at and see all the psychology and medical books up there, and I remember how my mom ALMOST went to college at my age, when... She almost died ^^; She's been almost dead a few times, half of them the fault of us, her children when we were still within her ^^; And... I kind of feel lucky I'm getting to go to college now instead of having to wait a year and skip out due to medical complications...

Lastly, I'm seeing one of my cousins for the first time in years. As I start to speak to her... I realize something awkward... She isn't perfectly fluent in English ^^; So, this will be an awkward time as we sync what we know of each others' languages to learn to communicate. Because, as you know, I'm not exactly fluent in Spanish myself ^^;

Well... That is all for now. Time for some tea, then bed ^^

P.S.: Rain... XP
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