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Hatred is all I know

I don't see any other way to see people than assholes who don't care about me, nor anyone else but themselves. But my case is very special. You see, it seems I bring the absolute worst on anyone without even trying. That is, I could approach some assholes and they would instantly glare at me, or like in the case of those stupid weeaboos and bronyfags from that equally stupid weeaboo club at this school, no one ever wants me around and just bide their time until they gang up on me like a pack of rabid chihuahuas yapping the worst shit you could ever tell anyone and accusing me of shit I never done to them other than try and help even in my delicate disabled condition which pretty much would break my neck once more.

Again, no one cares.

Everyone believes I am a threat, that I am a horrible person and deserves no forgiveness. That every single thing that people do to me is because I deserve it and all fault is mine, no on else's. Everyone else is a fucking saint and I am a horrible person that even deserves death.

Back when I still had what you call a heart, and when I desperately needed to feel like I belonged somewhere for the fact that the cunt of my "sister" was draining my life day by day, I joined a stupid brony community when I was starting to enjoy that pony cartoon and wanted to be into it with others with art, discussion, whatever.

Unfortunately I joined that piece of turd "community" mlpequestria, and shit went downhill as soon as I started posting. As a coincidence I met that idiot "the gneech", who was also licking the ass of those other idiots on twitter while I also was discovering that thing back then.

Jesus Christ, the world is so small that you see the same turds everywhere even online.

Anyway, any other time I would post those assholes would insult me and threaten me, while the mods were having a laugh and would shake their greasy finger if I ever told them off.

Nothing I ever posted seemed to work, just like in that shit-laden sonicstuff with sonicfags and that pokemon fantard who "moderates" it. That fandom is the bottom of the barrel next to bronies I might add.

So the final stone was when I posted my feelings towards this stupid lesbian shipping of female characters in a show for 6 year old kids. Holy shit, I broke the record for countless comments filled with such hatred and poison. I wish Guinness were around to make an official count. On top of that some fat "pegasister" neckbeard went on posting on a stupid livejournal community about drama and the count increased even further there.

If that silly thing wouldve happened today, I wouldve posted yes I hate your stupid lesbian bullshit and even Lauren Faust would slap you with her feminist dick for being so stupid.

But back then like I said, I still had some humanity in me and I apologized.

See, that is another mistake you make with the psychopath brony cult, you don't have the right to even apologize because their hate is so fucking big, even Hitler would raise his eyebrows.

Every single comment from those horse lovers ranged from "no one cares" to "this will not go well for you". I did not see any sympathy from these dyke horse fans.

Now that my mind has matured and my life is picking up, along with dealing with imbeciles in real life, this sort of thing simply makes me shrug and I can state that I am so fucking happy I gave these motherfuckers the worst time of their "lives".

Because living in your parents' basement while making your life devoted to a silly cartoon is no life whatsoever.

So you hate me.

The hate is mutual.

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Added: 5 years, 6 months ago
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