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Cartoon Network Saturday Mornings!

Well it was for years that the only network that was even TRYING to have any descent cartoons on Saturday morning was Fox!

Then they quite and sold there 4-Kids stuff to the C-W, which is quite a statement that it’s still going because lets face it anything that goes to the C-W (Formally UPN) usually goes to die and be forgotten about.

I will say that the C-W has been doing a little bit of a better job on showing things in the proper order, I mean when they were showing Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight they pretty much handled it perfectly…

Until the contract was lost ;__; (A sad day for Tokusatsu Fans FINALLY getting to see an English Kamen Rider series that didn’t suck donkey ass!)

And the handling of Dinosaur King is at least making a less than great cartoon somewhat easier to watch.

But just recently Cartoon network made a smart choice, rather than doing the usual Johnny Test and Chowder marathon on Saturday Mornings they figgered they would throw there hat into the Saturday Morning ring!

While shows Like Hero 108, and showing reruns of Ben 10, Generator Rex, and Star Wars the Clone wars are slightly better than nothing.

Shows like Hotwheels: Battle force 5, The Marvel Superhero Squad ,actually NEW episodes of Yugioh 5ds, and Bakugan make for what is these days a descent lineup!

I also Gotta say I really like Hotwheels: Battle force 5, I mean I’ve liked the Hotwheels cartoons since they started the whole Highway 35 storyline, and the fact there’s actually a continuity that works and is pretty smooth (Vurt Wheeler starting out as a Dick wad of a 16 year old kid to becoming the leader of Battle Force 5 is pretty impressive these days).

I find Hero 108 interesting because I’ve literally heard nothing about it before , and it has such an interesting style (Yah I don’t like the lack of detail and some times the character designs are just WEIRD!) it’s like a weird Dark Horse that just came from nowhere.

Basically what I’m saying is that it’s nice to see Cartoon Network making some actually SMART decisions!

Now if only they would stop with the live action shows, especially on Adult Swim!
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