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Funny and Embarrassing in equal measure

So for the last day of our holiday we decided to stop at an animal sanctuary.

Me and my dad were looking into the tortoise encloser and notice one of them moving very fast towards us. Both of us tried to see where he was hurrying off to when he suddenly just stops and mounts one of the ones in front of us!

My dad looks away and suddenly asks "What the hell is that noise their making?"

Instantly I went to say "Churring" but had to force myself to bite my tounge.

My parents know I write TMNT fanfics and I didn't want then to put two and two together.


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Added: 5 years, 6 months ago
5 years, 6 months ago
lol. My mother knows that I write fan fics too. But I did let it slip that I know that turtles have their privates in their tails. I don't know if she has put two and two together. She's read my Welcome Home story. :)
5 years, 6 months ago
When ever my dad mentions my stories I keep telling him I'll show him at some point, luckily he's not the type of person to look them up or I'd be screwed.

I talk to him about my Donatello's Journal story because that one is pretty safe, he knows that I'm a little disturbed XP
5 years, 6 months ago
Lol my ten year old bro and I went to a red-eared slider tank (the turtle species said to be the TMNT) at PetCo the other day. All six of em were going at it. Second most disturbing thing: only one was a girl. Most disturbing thing: my ten year bro says "Aw, cute! They're mating!"
5 years, 6 months ago
I like red eared sliders, my science teacher used to have a tank with four of them in our class room, we dubbed them with Nija turtle names of course :p

Male turtles quite often mate with other males, especially if there aren't many girls XD

Lol at you brother, I would have been laughing so hard at that!
5 years, 6 months ago
I love red eared sliders as well. I've been trying to convince my mom that I need to get one/more.

I wasn't quite sure on how to react. I think I stood there with my mouth open like an idiot for at least five minutes.
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