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 • I'm back behind my computer making beats! I'm hoping to have the MP3s out to you guys some time this week- this coming weekend at the latest. I'm very excited to say I've been working on this. I'm very happy to be making music again. But this also means I'm going to need some new cover art. and I'm currently waiting for art from Silnat and VDK, which I will hopefully have very soon. I'll also be hosting another contest in the next few weeks for art for a single or two. I hope to have lots of entries to that. :3

 • I got some very good feedback on the poem I have posted (view it here) but no one has shown any real interest in seeing more of it posted. I know this is a furry site, but like I said, I did get some good feedback. I dunno. If you guys wanna see more poetry on here feel free to say something. I have a big Book filled with it.

 •  I really haven't been able to get out of this horrible bout of writer's block I've had for quite a while. Feel free to ask for whatever you'd like. I'll take requests if you give me enough information to work off of. I'm just bogged down with quite a lot right now so I'm unable to really get my creative juices flowing.

My personal life?
 •  Here's all you need to know: I'm currently in an open relationship, I'm working on my online classes and I've been getting very little sleep. I'm obsessing over Infected Mushroom and Say Anything. My brother just got kicked out so i'm dealing with that. I'm planning for a baby within the next year. I'm enjoying myself as much as i can, I'm going to be applying at a local hookah bar as well as Bizarre Bazaar, so I'll be on even less if i get that job.

My characters?
 • this is now character. singular. I recently gave RazorK my old panda character. I hope everyone will enjoy what he does with her. He promised to be good and respectful with her. I'm excited to see what he does. From now on I'm only going to be using my doe character. She may or may not change a little or a lot through the next few months. I dunno yet.

I hope you guys have enjoyed this update. I love you guys so much, and I hope yo hear from all of you very soon. Keep those good vibes coming <3
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Added: 6 years ago
6 years ago
Cant wait to hear the musics, wish my shit was working so I could collaborate with ya on it. Oh well something to keep working for I guess. I dont mind doing cover art but I dont High Rez things with no furry art on it. but like real kinda stuff and I'm pretty damn good at it. Considering all my album covers I made myself. which aren't on this site cuz of many reasons. Need help with one lemme know K.
6 years ago
It seems my MP3s have downloaded as corrupted files :c so it'll be a bit before I can have those up, unfortunately. I have to figure that problem out before I can release this new set. I'm using all new beats and samples and loops, so I dunno what could be wrong with it. and As for my cover art, I have a couple of the old entries from the last contest  here, and here. that's the kinda stuff I look for when i host contests like this. (For the record, R-complex won)
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