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Shaken after a Traffic Accident

So a couple days ago I was involved in a car accident, and surprisingly, not far from home.

What happened is that I was on a two lane street (east/west) wanting to turn onto a 4 lane road (north/south). Te traffic was heavy and I waited for a while. Traffic started to pile, and one woman stopped to let me out. She even appeared to wave me though. Taking her gesture as an "all-clear" I proceeded to turn onto the road to go north.

The I collided with another car.

damage to both cars appears to be largely cosmetic. damage to her was on the left week area, mostly a few dings. My car suffered worse (comparatively speaking) The left bumper got pretty scuffed up and the right turn signal broke out.

When I bounced off her, I pulled the car into a parking lot. She stopped in the road. I got the insurance stuff to give to her and crossed the street after waiting 5 minutes to be able to cross. When I got to the other side, BSU police showed up, followed by a fire truck.

The other driver was pretty irate. She looked like he was in her 60s, and was driving a relatively new looking black car, possibly a Cadillac. She the proceeded to use "kid" to describe me in a pejorative manner. I didn't say a word to her at this point because I'd only get into more trouble.

I described to the police what happened (and I'm sure she did too), and when she said "I want to talk to that kid," the police said they would handle it. They took down the info and saw that both cars were drivable. I was let go after getting some information to turn over to the insurance agency, which luckily, was just right down the road.

I don;t know who's fault it was, but I have this feeling it's all me, even though I waited and was waved through. I shouldn't have believed the woman in her van. I should have waited longer for traffic to clear so I had a first-hand look of the traffic.

I'm scared my uncle will be mad at me. But I swear I'm going to fix the damage. And I might have to give my uncle more money to help cover the cost of an increased premium, if they increase it. I'm still shaken and I'm waiting on the insurance company to get back to me. I also probably need a copy of the report myself, but I haven;t any idea as to how long that will take to release. It's probably the reason why the insurance company didn;t call me yet to ask me what happened. I would love for her insurance to foot the bill to replace the turn signal, but I have this suspicion that's not going to be the case.
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