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SC Move and TNSC Changes

Ladies and gentle furs...
As of July 31, 2011 - My mate and myself will be taking a long road trip to our new home in SC, USA.

It will be just me and him and this is the route we plan on using:

If any of my stalkers are along this route, and are willing to give us a place to crash for a night - feel free to let me know.

You may still help us safe up some money to help make the move easier by donating any amount of money at


New TNSC Adult Gallery and overall cleanup of Apparence...

We have created a new Adult Gallery on TNSC - one that looks a lot more like a gallery.  We have also finished moving the images from the forums to the new Adult Gallery.  As of tonight, we have had 4 votes telling us to merge completely to the new Adult Gallery.  Until the 1st of the month, we will keep the new TNSC Adult Gallery in trial and feedback mode: letting you all try it out and tell us if we should move completely over, or keep the Gallery in the Forums.

In the process, we finally got enough feedback to encourage us to clean up the overall apparence of the TNSC website.  Now the site is much cleaner looking and all those extra buttons we had for some pages have become page menus in the right panel of the site.  The website looks a lot less cluttered and much better overall.

We are continuing to update the site menus to reflect the changes for TNSC User Profiles.

You can check out the new look at www.tnsc.thrill.to


TNSC Art Contest:


Drako's Art Challenge

Now I have decided to test a new idea, which I will call Drako's Art Challenge.

Now, before any of you start sneering at me for "crying out for free art," please understand the following:
Yes, Drako's Art Challenge may consist of ideas that involve my fursona or my mate, Mix Tags.
(So, yes - this is a means of asking/requesting free art)
You do not have to take up the challenge or draw anything for me if you do not want to.
However, I will still encourage you to take a look at TNSC's Art Contest.
(TNSC's Art Contest tends to be a lot more general with its themes.)

The main reason the challenge would consist of my fursona is that I alone would choose the winner, and images that have my fursona in it would encourage me to actually choose the winning art drawn for my challenge very carefully.

Now this is in essence, me using my journal to request art based on ideas I have floating around in my head at the time.
Yes, many of these ideas may include images I'd like to see of my fursona.

Please remember, this month is only a test to see what sort of response I get to the Art Challenge, and to see if there are enough people out there willing to draw these requests.

I will choose my favorite image drawn of the theme listed, and that favorite image will be put onto my own profile here and placed as the Featured Submission for a full month - AND the aritst who drew it will not only be given full creidt with links to their userpage (and the original peice) - but will also get a shout out with those same links on my "Art Contest" Journal Next Month.

The only requirement for the drawing is that it fits the theme or idea listed.
Artists may add additional characters, themes, or ideas into the work at their own discretion.

So, this months Challenge Theme is:
Drako wearing a blue thong.  (Bonus points for showing bulge.)

I would like to see the Art Challenge submissions by the 1st of May.

If anyone wants to draw and submit something to the challenge:
You may find my detailed description on my own site - www.drako.funurl.com
You may find pictures of me on my TNSC Profile Page - http://is.gd/67wEVr
Once you finish the drawing, just reply to this journal with a link to it.

(At some point, I may take the "rules" of this challenge and put them on their own page - Depending on if I keep doing it.)


If anyone wishes to send me gifts, my wishlist is here:
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