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Possibly Banned From FurAffinity

If anything happens to me because of some idiot's bullshit, follow me on Deviant Art @ RollerCoasterViper59 or @ So furry RollerCoasterViper

Some people are to paranoid to listen to reason and innocent people like me have to suffer for it so I feel sorry for those whom I've kept in contact with on this site *FA* to lose such a good friend but if this information goes thru and the leader of this site thinks little of me and it results in me getting banned just know that I'm the innocent party in all this and the asshole I'm fighting with *whoms name will not be mentioned* has done me wrong... This is partially my fault for trusting my money in on a scam artist who's result is no re-posting of paid art :/ some of you may know him but I wish he'd drop dead because now I can't get that money back nor can I get the pics back this site *FA* took down so I'll post this journal on another site *inkbunny*  incase he gets bright ideas and goes over there and if he does I'll be highly upset because it's the only other site I feel free and if he takes away my democratic freedom to solicit the things I pay for there what will this world come too :( so yeah if I get banned here *FA* you know where else to find me.

I feel played duped and dumbfounded and I never should've trusted him but it is what it is and it's in the admin's hands now *sigh*
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Added: 6 years ago
6 years ago
why would you be banned
6 years ago
dude its your art you can repost it if you paid for it its yours
6 years ago
Exactly :(
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