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Beast's Fury


I'm sorry.  I'm going to be the negative guy in the fandom talking about this game.  I really wish it hadn't reached its goal.  I don't want to see it become a thing.


Those character designs.  Those fucking god awful character designs.  Generic to the max.  Well drawn, but incredibly, overwhelmingly generic and uninspired (trench coat, even!).  Especially after seeing character concepts such as these here: http://redxfolder.tumblr.com/post/54294443627/lewmzi-a...  (that shark is badass)

Get your game a new character designers.  This fandom sometimes.  Aargghghrghgjhgdhldfhgl
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Added: 5 years, 12 months ago
5 years, 12 months ago
I think I see what you mean about the generic character designs. I also totally see what you mean about "this fandom sometimes" that's a common though in my mind. :P

But I'm curious exactly what rubs you the wrong way about Beast's Fury vs the stuff on the Tumblr link. I'm not a visual artist so I can miss a lot of things. But I see Beast's Fury as pretty tropeish in one way, while the Tumblr stuff is tropish in a different way.

Either way I get the feeling that "I've seen these critters before somewhere" in both cases.

What's your metric for Rockin' Designs vs Boring As Hell?
5 years, 12 months ago
Details, man.  Details.  I'm not saying they're SNK level character designs, but they stand out, they're memorable, and they ooze personality.  Also, better variety and they actually appear beastly.  Hell, I even prefer some of the human designs over their beast counterparts for a few.

What does Beast's Fury have?  Wolf dude with bland anime hair and a plain black trench coat (entering douchebag territory).  IRS shark.  Female whatever-she-is in a short top.  None of the clothing uses more than a single color on them.  There's no accessorizing.  There's nothing that spices them up whatsoever.  If it's going to be an anthro fighter, design them more around their beast qualities, not just <insert your tasteless OC here>.  There is absolutely no way the BF shark stacks up in awesomeness to the Japanese version.

The biggest difference is that the Japanese characters look like fighters, whereas the Beast's Fury characters look like they randomly ripped them from whatever showed up on the front page of FurAffinity and they're all screaming "I'M A FURRY IN A FIGHTING GAME, ISN'T THIS GREAT?!?!"

Terrible.  Just terrible.
5 years, 12 months ago
Haha! Actually I also see the whole "I'm a Furry Here" thing, and I think the art does suffer a bit from "human body + animal head/tail syndrome". Compared to this, the Japanese designs definitely have a much greater range of actual body form -- red panda and green lizardman stand out to me in that regard.

I agree, when it comes to furry fighting character designs, my preference would be to go more ferocious and beastly. Who fights better than humans? Animals. Why not use their bodies instead of just their heads?

Probably so the girls can have human bodies and be teh sex appeal.

Probably actually what the team is into, too, but it also hints of Mass Marketing BS to a degree if you ask me. :P But then again I just have a hang-up about the mass marketing of THINGS anyway so don't get me started. :P
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