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So, Arts - Blaze

So, I like to do some research on my next project before I draw, usually it's just the personalty and their actual build and try to keep it a little Cannon.

WELL I was reading up on on Blaze the Cat for the "sonic" arts I'm working on next. So, according to now former Sega Employee the trench coat she wears covers burns all over her body from when she was "learning" to control her powers the hard way.

It's just an interesting Story arc that I would love to see be addressed. There was a reason the ability to control fire was called a Curse and now we know.
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Added: 5 years, 8 months ago
5 years, 8 months ago
To me that's news, but I've read of auxillary powers that are needed to prevent injury from using the main powers. With super-strength comes the risk of accumulating tissue damage from the pressure caused. A leper loses his(her) pressure sensors, so his(her) strength gradually damages the limbs, causing the loss of fingers,etc. So some kind of invulnerability is needed. Also one of the countless mutants Marvel has used, had rocket flight, but no immunity to air friction, so he had to be cybernetically enhanced. Member of the Hellfire Club, i think.

Now to my main point. Blaze is a moot question to me, as I haven't read Sonic since #134. i DO know that the final battle with Eggman/Robotnik II is nearing, and the series may reboot right afterwards; all prior history retconned.
Too many characters...
5 years, 8 months ago
She's part of the Video game universes and about the only female character not out of Sonic's "Chilli-dog"

Course it could all be from the fandumb mixing it controls her power to it covers her from her early life. I took the second option because it would make her character a but more hard core.
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