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Now doubt, the brony fandom is the worst thing ever online

I have been consistenly whining about these people, but every day when I log on I keep finding more reason to see just how fucked up really is.  

Such as that site, ponychan, which by now has crashed and burned as another 4chan wannabe, especially with such horrid pics and posts only 14 year old mongrels who aspire to be trolls of the worst kind can ever post.

equestria daily is to blame for the constant shipping shit of lesbian horses whose fics keep crowding anything that was worth reading a few years ago.

Even Livejournal hasn't escaped the dickery and faggotry of mean horrible people who have no sense of humor and are the last thing I ever experienced of how much of dicks these fanboys truly are.

Every forum which panders to brony shit has the same kind of people, and are even worse than other forums where you can do without.  I have experience it all in a span of over a year that I have tried to even say hi to these people.

And yet they feed your face with this "Love and Tolerance" bullshit of which they don't even practice anyway.

I also keep reading their tweets about how steamed they are about finding people "hating on them" when the reality is that we are all tired of this pony shit because of their hypocrisy and refusal to admit THEY are the ones who started messing with anyone else simply because we don't surrender to their beliefs about wanting to like a cartoon for 6 year old girls.

Hell, even they went out to spit on anyone who disliked equestria girls, and here I thought it would be the movie to end their shit all in all.  Ridiculous.

Maybe the Furry fandom had its moments in absurdity, including that lulzy bit about "fursecution", but bronies actually have taking such paranoia crap to 11, on which I even read threats to other people if they mock them for liking little girl cartoons.

So this is your love and tolerance?

Yeah, you are all full of shit.
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Added: 5 years, 8 months ago
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