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So Much Pain (part 4)

The pain is relentless, but the swelling is noticeably going down and the redness is receding.  I think (hope) I have avoided the hospital at least.  I still have limited use of that hand, mostly due to the pain and the first finger still being mostly unmoveable.

So I believe the worst has past and now I am just moseying down the long winding road to recovery.
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Added: 6 years ago
6 years ago
get ur as to hospital fool
6 years ago
My doctor was trying to avoid me ending up in the hospital.  I see her again Monday morning.
6 years ago
ugg i've had simpler infections from cat scratch.

alternitly catscratch fevior isnt just a song.

sounds like your defenitly on the mend tho recovery can be worse than the initial infection specily on a bodypart that moves and has so many nerve endings designed for sence of presure presision menipulation and fine adjestment of muscle tenchion

Almost had similer hit me with a hang nail tear on my second to last left finger on my left hand.
was swelling up good painful...
BUT had to clean the fridge and the bleach seems to of stiffeled the infection.

on a side note.
while cleaning the shelvs i was holding one of the glass shelvs right after inspecting it (real close up) and about to put it back in it's cage and BOOM!
Thing emploads in my hands. Glass EVERYWHERE! mainly on me even maniged to get behind my glasses Thankfully i was fast enough to let my glasses fall before the pices got smaller (safty glass popping)

God i was soooo fearfull for the next hour as i put the other shelvs back together :p

it did not hit anything i was holding it clear away form everything..... just POW ....    
now i got like a million little papper cuts in my hands and legs ... and forehead ....

Ya safty glass stops deep cuts but dam it makes room for tinny singy little ones.
6 years ago
That is some scary stuff!  I've had glass break and some 25 years ago or so I used to work with glass etching and cutting glass and knew how to sand the edges under water and so on, but I have never had anything like that happen.  I'd have been afraid with the rest of it too.
6 years ago
I hope you're right and you're past the worst of it.
6 years ago
I know I am now; the wound is finally draining on its own accord and most of the swelling is gone and a lot of the red is gone.  I am even getting some strength and range of movement back, though it is still limited.
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