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Paypal commissions open

I finally got my Paypal account up and running again and I am now open for commissions via Payapl. It's been a while since I've been able to make full use of it since I've been without a checking account for several years after the bank I was with ate it all with oodles of hidden fees. I'm now banking at a different bank that is a lot more transparent and friendlier towards their customers and got a new checking account so I can get money out of Paypal again. My prices are still the same: $3.00 for a color commission and $1.00 for a sketch.

I don't really have a whole lot going on in my life at the moment. More failed job applications, a high school reunion that was kinda lame and felt just as clique-y, and my eldest brother stirring up trouble with my dad are the main things but that's about it.

I did manage to get the latest Borerlands 2 dlc, Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep, and have been playing that some. It's been really funny with all the D&D and Game of Thrones references and more difficult than I imagined it would be but that's a good thing. I still haven't beat it yet, I'm sorta taking a little break from it after playing a long run of it recently.

I'm pleased that I got another page of Demordicai Diamonds done this week. I've been feeling a little low on comic motivation this week and it took a lot out of me just getting DD76 done. I had originally hoped that I could get DD77 done as well this week but it doesn't look like that will be happening. It's time like this that make me seriously consider looking into finding some help in the form of an inker and colorist (colorist would probably take priority over inker).

In other Demordicai Diamonds news, me and Professor Awesome pretty much finished out the initial planning for another story-arc in Demordicai Diamonds. Winter, Year 2 is complete and ended with Rune being bedridden (again) for a week and Dalken with a minor concussion. Spring, as well as their own recovery, is on the way and Dalken will finally stop complaining about the cold only to start complaining about Rune's shedding.

I'm right now predicting that Demordicai Diamonds has another 5 pages to go until I can officially say Chapter 2 is done. I'm thinking I'll definitely have it done by the end of Summer. Man, I'm really looking forward to when that time comes! I've been trying to stay focused with Chapter 2 and not think too much on Chapter 3 this whole time but it's really hard not to. Anyway, everything is currently on track to there being another new DD page next week.
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